The water supply system in Forbes supplies potable water to Forbes, Calarie and Daroobalgie as well as other villages of neighboring shires, including Gunningbland, Bogan Gate, Trundle, Tullamore and Tottenham. Forbes obtains its raw water either from the Lachlan River or one of three groundwater bores (constructed along the New Grenfell Road and the Cowra Road, approximately 10 km south east of Forbes). The bores provide a back-up water supply in the event of an extended drought threatening the river supply. Water is treated by a conventional sand filtration water treatment plant (capacity - 26 ML/d) and reticulated to the town area via four service reservoirs (capacity – 30ML) and 130 kms of water mains. Council has a 4,700ML high security river allocation, and currently uses around 2,500ML annually.

The water treatment process includes flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, chlorination and fluoridation. The plant was constructed in 1940’s with a major amplification in the mid 1960’s and other ongoing improvements over the years. Due to the age of the plant, Council is beginning a process to investigate options for the plants renewal or replacement.

The water supply has monthly chemical analyses to ensure water meets the Australian drinking water guidelines and 64 microbiological tests conducted over the year, as well the many operational tests conducted by our water plant operators.

Council also manages a reticulated raw water supply to the village of Ootha, as well as a raw water system to irrigate the parks and ovals around Lake Forbes.

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