Strategic and corporate plans detail Council's priority activities and strategies to achieve these goals.

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Public Domain Style Guide  The purpose of the Public Domain Style Guide is to ensure consistency in design, colours and messaging in our public spaces into the future.  PDF (PDF 9.2MB)
Tourism Plan Great tourism destinations thrive on 'travel worthy' experiences. The Forbes Shire Council Tourism Plan 2020-2030 is set to establish Amazing Forbes as an attractive, unique and sustainable holiday destination.  Tourism Plan Cover pdf (PDF 4.1MB)
Community Strategic Plan The Community Strategic Plan is a 10-year plan of the Community’s aspirations, needs and priorities. The Community Strategic Plan sets strategies for achieving these goals.  It is a State legislative requirement to maintain this plan, which will provide the community with a blueprint for its long-term growth, community development and infrastructure renewal.  Community Strategic Plan (PDF 1.5MB)
Youth Strategic Plan  The Forbes Youth Strategic Plan sets out a 10-year plan designed with young people at it's heart, and the welfare of the Shire's young people our core mission. This Youth Strategic Plan addresses strategies and actions for young people aged between 10 and 25 years who live, work, study or play in the Forbes Shire.  (PDF 2.5MB)
Local Strategic Planning Statement

The Forbes Local Strategic Planning Statement sets out a 20-year land use vision and planning priorities for the future of our area.  The LSPS outlines what we want our planning controls to achieve – now and into the future. Having a clear vision will help us all work together to ensure we achieve the future we want. It sets the objectives of development in Forbes to ensure we maintain our quality of life, heritage and local character, stunning main-street and our rich natural environment.

 LSPScover (PDF 4.8MB)
Delivery Program Council’s Delivery Program comprises a four-year program detailing the specific strategies that Council will implement to help achieve the community’s priorities and goals as set out in the Community Strategic Plan. The Delivery Program is a statement of commitment to the community from the elected Council for the four years of its term.  Delivery Program (PDF 3.1MB)
Operational Plan Council’s Operational Plan sets out the projects and programs to be undertaken over one financial year. This plan also includes a Statement of Revenue Policy with details of the annual budget, rates model and fees and charges.

 Operational Plan 2021/22 thumbnail  (PDF 4.6MB)

Long Term Financial Plan The Long Term Financial Plan is a 10-year plan that outlines the future finances of Council’s operations taking into consideration key elements such as rate movements, service levels to our community, major infrastructure, asset replacement and renewals as well as loans, cash reserves and the Revenue and Pricing Policy.  Financial plan (PDF 647.3KB)
Workforce Management Plan The Workforce Plan aims to ensure Council’s workforce has the right skills, at the right time and in the right quantities to ensure sustainable service delivery.

Workforce Management Plan (PDF 1.9MB)

Asset Management Plans

The Asset Management Plans provide tools to assist Council’s decision making on infrastructure funding needs, the impacts of budget decisions into the future and the resourcing requirements needed to meet agreed levels of service delivery.

Plans: Buildings (PDF 3MB)Drainage (PDF 1.3MB)Open Space (PDF 1.4MB),   Transport (PDF 2MB),  Footpat


Sewer Assset Management Plan 2021

 (PDF 2.4MB)

Water Asset Management Plan 2021 (PDF 2MB)

 Footpath Asset Management Cover
Resilience Plan 2020-2030
The Resilience Plan, though initiated in drought, speaks to the principles of emergency management.

The plan operates on the fact that droughts, floods, fires and other emergencies are a feature of the Australian landscape and its variable and changing climate, and therefore will always need to be planned for.

 Community Resilience Plan (PDF 5MB)
Community Participation Plan

Our Community Participation Plan (CPP) is designed to make participation in planning clearer for the community. It does this by setting out in one place how and when you can participate in the planning system, our functions and different types of proposals. This CPP also establishes our community participation objectives which we use to guide our approach to community engagement.

 CPP Cover New (PDF 552.3KB)
Disability Inclusion Action Plan The Disability Inclusion Action Plan demonstrates Council’s commitment to constant improvement in the services, facilities and access disabled residents need to participate fully in the life of the community. The plan plays an important part in changing community attitudes and perceptions of people with a disability and outlines specific actions Council will take to achieve its goals.  DAIP cover (PDF 653KB)
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