Camp Street Bridge Upgrade

The NSW Government is replacing the Camp Street Bridge over Lake Forbes to improve safety for all road users. The $12.8 million project involves building a new wider bridge with wider lanes and pedestrian and cycle paths. Forbes Shire Council are working with the RMS to complete works around the bridge site.

For more information please visit Transport for NSW website here.


Camp Street Bridge


Forbes Shire Council will be installing the footpaths leading up to the bridge, footbridges and paths through the landscaped gardens. The footpath on the new bridge will be paved to complement the surrounds.


As part of the landscaping around the new bridge mature Palm trees will be planted. Garden beds will feature native grasses and foliage plantings to complement the Lake. The old lights from the previous Bridge have been repurposed into a Lake viewing area.


Council has provided the roadworks on either side of the bridge for 180m in length. This involved installing new kerb and guttering and new improved drainage in the area.