Road Closures

In times of flooding and road works, plan your trip ahead

Reconsider non-essential travel

During and immediately after significant floods and storms, please reconsider taking non-essential journeys to affected areas.

Floodwater can damage roads, make causeways impassable and people that have tried to cross flooded roads have been swept away. 

Trees, powerlines and other debris can restrict access to affected areas after a severe storm.

Plan your trip

If travel is essential and unavoidable, it is important to plan your route before you travel to avoid roads that are likely to be closed.

Unsealed Road Closures

Some of our minor roads close due to wet conditions. This applies to all unsealed roads in the Forbes Shire will close to vehicles over 4.5 tonne, except school buses, emergency vehicles and Council road plant. Concessions are available on request please contact Councils Engineering Department on 02 6850 2300 (option 2) to discuss requirements. Council regrets the inconvenience caused, however the preservation of the road asset is of prime importance.

Minor Road Closures 

Reduced Speed Zones Applied  

Major Road Closures

Major roads and highways in your local area and any associated closures are often managed by Transport NSW (TfNSW)

Motorists are advised to check for road closure updates and hazard information.

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