Covid Landfill Message 2

Landfills or Waste Management Facilities provide residents of the Forbes Shire Council opportunity to dispose their waste at a dedicated facility. Presently Forbes Shire Council operates three rural landfill sites and one Waste Management Facility while two rural landfills have been closed. Please refer to table below for further details.

Name Location  Status  Operating Hours 
Daroobalgie Waste Management Facility   

Lot 1 Calarie-Daroobalgie Rd,
Calarie NSW


7 days               8.30am to 5.00pm  

CLOSED: Christmas Day and Good Friday

Bedgerabong Landfill Darcys Lane, Bedgerabong

Wednesday      1.30pm to 4.30pm

Sunday              9.00am to 12 noon

Garema Landfill Pinnacle Road, Garema

Wednesday      8.00am to 11.00am

Sunday              1.30pm to 4.30pm

Ootha Landfill Ootha Road, Ootha
  Controlled access provided to residents 
Warroo Landfill Warroo Road, Warroo
Wirrinya Landfill Wirrinya Road, Wirrinya
Closed and rehabilitated   

Why all the rural landfill sites are not open 24 /7 like it used to be in the past?
The NSW Environmental Protection Authority identified that rural landfill sites in the central west and western sections of NSW were generally operated below acceptable environmental standards. The illegal lighting of fires at the unmanned rural landfills was common and resulted in a severe safety hazard through hazardous smoke and particulates, and increases the risk of bushfires and damage to surrounding crops and properties.

Further, there was no control over restricted waste disposal at the rural landfills including commercial waste from businesses in Forbes. In order to serve the community and comply with the requirements of NSW EPA, the Forbes Shire Council organised stakeholder consultation at all rural landfill sites. Based on outcome of the open discussions, it was decided to close the Wirrinya and Waroo landfill sites and apply time restrictions at Garema and Bedgerabong landfill sites. Ootha residents were given access through a controlled locked gate. Even though the time restrictions apply to Garema and Bedgerabong rural landfill sites, the Daroobalgie Waste Management Facility is open for all rural residents during its normal operating hours.

Which waste is accepted at each site?
Residents are requested to note that not all waste items can be disposed at all site. Please refer below indicative table before taking waste to the respective site. If in doubt, please contact the council office and discuss with the Waste and Environment Specialist.
Please note that each of the rural landfill sites will only accept residential waste from their respective villages and surrounds. For commercial and industrial, construction and demolition waste, please use the Daroobalgie Waste Management Facility.

What is the progress on Daroobalgie Waste Management Facility expansion project?
The development application for the proposed expansion has already been approved. Based on the designs and planning, development work has already initiated at the site. Please refer below timelines for further details.

Activity Tentative Date*
 Development of alternative access road to the existing landfill piles  Mid August 2019 
 Fencing of new site  December 2019
 Approval of final designs and plans from EPA  June 2020
 Construction of Community Recycling Centre and other infrastructure  August 2020
 Start of construction of new landfill cell  July 2023
 Completion of filling void space in between existing landfill piles  December 2024
 Phytocapping of existing landfill piles  July 2025
 Estimated total life of the proposed expansion  47 years

* It may be noted that the dates are tentative and subject to change. Council reserves the right to alter deadlines based on priorities and other factors