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There are many potential sources of grants or funding for community projects.  These include; government funding (state and federal), private philanthropic organisations and even private companies who may offer sponsorship. To get you started on your grants journey click on the category below that matches your project and have a browse. If you are unsure about which category is a match contact our grants officers for some advice. 

Please note - Council does not provide funding to individuals. Twice a year applications are taken for Council's Community Funding Program. Click here for more information.

Grants Officer

Forbes Shire Council has a Grants Officer available to assist residents in finding and preparing grant applications. The Grants Officer can not only assist you to find a funding source but can give you some great tips on giving yourself the best chance of success.  Hint – number one is about committing to planning your project well before you start to even think about how you are going to pay for it!

To learn more about the grants available and other great tips make an appointment to discuss by contacting Council 02 6850 2300 or email


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These grants provide small amounts of money that organisations and community groups can use to help their volunteers. The grants form part of the State and Federal Government's work to support volunteers, as well as to encourage and increase participation in volunteering.

 Closes Grant Description
Ongoing Grants & Funding NSW Government Find a government initiative, grant or funding program to help support your business, your project or your community.
Ongoing  Strengthening Rural Communities - Small & Vital

The Strengthening Rural Communities (SRC) Small & Vital stream gives small remote, rural and regional communities across Australia the opportunity to access funds for a broad range of initiatives that directly and clearly benefit local communities.

Grants up to $10,000 are available for a broad range of grassroots, community-led initiatives that directly and clearly benefit local communities that strengthen local people, places and climate solutions, with a preference for smaller communities (populations under 15,000).

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and assessed quarterly. 

Ongoing  Westpac Youth Impact Challenge

The Westpac Youth Impact Challenge is a nationwide initiative open to all Australian students aged 7 to 21. The Challenge aims to help students solve problems in their local communities. To take part in the Challenge, participants must identify a local problem and brainstorm an innovative business or social change idea to solve it. Participants can choose to work individually, or in a group of up to 3. 

Selected winners will receive an Exclusive Prize Pack which will include a Microsoft Surface laptop from partner Microsoft, a 12-month Membership to ‘The Academy’ by the Australian School of Entrepreneurship which will provide them with access to eLearning content, resources and exclusive members perks and discounts, a Spill the Beans Pitch Opportunity, access to financial education mentoring support for your business or social change idea from Westpac’s Davidson Institute and an invitation to their Young Entrepreneurs Advisory Council and an opportunity to pitch at the final Challenge event!

Ongoing Variety - the Children's Charity: Community Grant Variety NSW/ACT promotes inclusivity for all Australian children. Schools and NFP organisations are invited to apply for a grant up to $10,000 to purchase equipment that will promote access and inclusivity in the community for children aged 0-18 years, living with financial disadvantage, geographic isolation and/or a disability or chronic illness. Applications are accepted all year round.  Once submitted, your application will be pre-assessed by the Kids Support Team to make sure it meets criteria. If eligible, it will then go to the Grants Committee for a final decision.
29 February 2024 Community Health Grants

The Community Health grants are for the provision of health care services to those not necessarily cared for in the private or public system, particularly the special needs of senior citizens. To include promotion of a healthy lifestyle, eating well and assistance in recovery from illness. There are two Funding Rounds per Program per calendar year. There may be emergency and disaster funding made available at varying times. Funding applications are taken at two levels:

Expression of Interest - All enquiries for funding must follow this step first. Providing this basic level of information will assist the Directors to determine whether further information is required. Generally, an Expression of Interest will be sufficient for Grassroots Grants – up to $25,000. Significant Grants are those $25,000 and over and will require completion of a Formal Application when requested.

Formal Application - The Directors will call for a Formal Application where they believe you have met the Foundation’s objectives through your expression of interest and your request is for a Significant Grant.

1 March 2024 Active Australia Innovation Challenge The Heart Foundation has grants up to the value of $50,000 for new, innovative programs that get more people moving in schools, universities or local community groups. The Active Australia Innovation Challenge is intended to support people who do not meet Australia’s Physical Activity Guidelines, are at risk of chronic disease and live in communities with high levels of physical inactivity, including rural and remote regions. This grant is intended to provide funding to kick-start a project or to provide seed funding in support of a larger project. Should the project be for the latter, supporting documentation will need to be provided to confirm funding has already been sought to fulfil the project implementation. The Heart Foundation strongly encourages innovative projects that support people: identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander; with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; living with a disability; living in rural and remote regions.
3 March 2024 CSU Community University Partnership Grant Program

The Charles Sturt University (Charles Sturt) Community University Partnerships (CUP) Grants are small grants (up to $1,000) that the University awards to support regional programs. University awards grants to support regional programs with a focus on the following areas:

  • Arts and Culture: Includes the support of artists in residence, art shows, musical education, talks and lectures, and any related activities that encourage engagement in artistic endeavours.
  • Health and Wellbeing: Includes the projects which enhance and promote healthy lifestyles, support mental health and general wellbeing.
  • Sports Development: Includes projects that support registered community and sporting organisations to assist sports teams to attend regional, national or other one-off events; assist community sporting groups to host regional, national or other one-off events in Charles Sturt University campus regions; assist with costs associated with volunteer training or to provide equipment.
  • Education Development: Includes projects which assist schools and not-for-profit early childhood centres in Charles Sturt University’s rural and regional campus footprint to acquire equipment or consumables that facilitate student learning and engagement with their schooling in rural and regional areas.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Includes projects which support initiatives that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Charles Sturt University’s adopted definition of sustainability (see below) to improve the environmental and social sustainability of Charles Sturt’s regional communities.
3 March 2024 Premier's Anzac Memorial Scholarship (PAMS) The Premier’s Anzac Memorial Scholarship gives NSW Year 10 and 11 History students the opportunity to travel on a 2-week study tour to develop their knowledge and understanding of the history of Australians at war. In 2024, the PAMS study tour will take place in the Terms 3 school holidays (30 September to 10 October 2024).
6 March 2024 The National Trust Heritage Awards

The National Trust Heritage Awards are the signature event of the Australian Heritage Festival and are now in their 27th year of recognising heritage projects  in the following categories: Aboriginal; Architecture; Advocacy; Built Conservation; Interiors and Objects; Landscape; Education and Interpretation; Events, Exhibitions and Tours; Resources and Publications.

12 March 2024 Indigenous Languages and Arts Program (ILA) The Indigenous Languages and Arts (ILA) program invests around $30 million per annum to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians to express, preserve and maintain their cultures through languages and arts activities around Australia. The ILA program supports community-based activities that deliver discrete one-off Indigenous languages and/or arts projects with clearly articulated outcomes that align with ILA program objectives.
14 March 2024 SSI Home Care Community Fund Grants  SSI is a national not-for-profit organisation providing dedicated human and social services to a diverse Australia. They currently have a grant funding opportunity open that is perfect for grass-roots community groups and organisations. The Home Care Community Fund Grants are grants of up to $5,000 for community groups to deliver events and activities that focus on ageing, careers, health, or community.
18 March 2024  Local Heroes

Westfield Local Heroes is a recognition and awards program that shines the spotlight on individuals in Australia and New Zealand who make a positive impact to their local community or environment. Community members nominate their heroes and we select three finalists for each Westfield Centre to go through to the community vote. The successful hero for each of the 42 Westfield centres is awarded a $20,000 grant for the organisation or group they represent, and each finalist receives a $5,000 grant for their organisation or group. 

Selection panels are looking for individuals who are positive role models who are respected and trusted in the community. Use your own words to describe your nominee so we get to know them through your eyes. Their work must positively impact the community or environment of a Westfield centre. They must represent an organisation or group, and the grant must be spent in a way that benefits the local community or environment of a Westfield centre.

18 March 2024 NSW Justice Reinvestment Grant Program

The NSW Justice Reinvestment Grant Program has been created to provide funding to Aboriginal communities in NSW to do Justice Reinvestment work. Up to $7.5 million (excluding GST) in funding is available across three years from June 2024 to June 2027. Funding can be used by Aboriginal organisations to: create or support community governance and consultation; investigate issues, including by using data, research or through local community meetings; develop a plan for change, including specific programs and/or options for reform; implement or pilot options or programs already developed by the community to address identified issues.

The Grant Program is seeking interest from Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCO’s), including both organisations with existing Justice Reinvestment initiatives and those interested in trying Justice Reinvestment. Priority will be given to three-year proposals from Aboriginal community-controlled organisations (ACCOs).

18 March 2024 Festivals Australia Program

Festivals Australia provides funding to support individual art projects in regional or remote locations. Eligible projects take place at festivals, or significant one-off community events such as a town celebration or opening of a new community resource. Festivals Australia will:

  • provide access to a diverse range of engaging, innovative arts projects that grow audiences at festivals across regional and remote Australia,
  • support partnerships and collaboration across the arts sector, and
  • encourage community participation in arts projects at regional and remote festivals.

Grant amount The Australian Government provides approximately $1.4 million each financial year for the Festivals Australia Program. There is no limit to the amount of funding that may be requested. However, the average funding request is around $40,000. Applicants should keep in mind that the Program supports projects that deliver strongly against the Program objectives in regional and remote areas. To be competitive, all applications for funding must include realistic budgets and represent value for money.

26 March 2024

Helping Regional Communities Prepare for Drought Initiative - Small Networks Grants Stream 1 & 2

Small Network Grants aim to develop and deliver one-off events or initiatives to strengthen community capability to build drought preparedness. The Small Network Grants will fund networks, community events, training initiatives, community infrastructure, development and learning initiatives that assist local people and communities to strengthen social capital and capability to prepare for future droughts. Projects may include:

  • Networks: Initiatives to strengthen the capacity, capability and coordination of professional, social or community networks.
  • Community Events: Field days, conferences, forums, summits and seminars that facilitate professional, social and community connection to build understanding of drought and climate change associated risks.
  • Training: Initiatives to improve skills and capacity in community risk management, planning and project delivery in relation to drought.
  • Community Infrastructure: Small scale community infrastructure projects to improve connectedness, wellbeing and facilities.
  • Development and Learning: Initiatives to facilitate professional, personal and leadership related development and learning to support drought preparation.

Opens 27 February 2024

Closes 27 March 2024

Telstra's Connected Communities Grant Program  

In 2023 Telstra announced the Connected Communities Grant Program, supporting Australia’s remote, rural, and regional communities with $600,000 to foster inclusion and resilience over three years.  In partnership with the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal, grants of up to $10,000 are available to not-for-profits to help them build resilient, sustainable, and liveable communities. The program has three themes: 

  • Resilient communities that are well prepared and socially connected, with the ability to renew and recover together when disaster strikes; 
  • Sustainable communities that are diverse and inclusive, through planning for the health, wellbeing and prosperity of their people and planet;
  • Liveable communities that have digital capability, helping to equip people with the skills to live, learn and work in a digital society.     Funds will be available for new or existing not-for-profit programs to help them scale their impact to help more Australians in rural and regional areas become better connected.    

This round will make $200,000 available for applications of up to $10,000 each. Successful grants will be announced in June 2024 and successful applicants will have 12 months to complete funded projects. 

31 March 2024 Volunteer Museum Small Grants The Volunteer Museum Grant Program provides assistance to volunteer-initiated community museums and Aboriginal keeping places in NSW.  Small Grants aim to meet the short-term, collection-based requirements of community museums and Aboriginal keeping places. There are no set categories for funding, and applications for a broad range of projects will be considered. The maximum amount that can be applied for under the program is: $2,000 (GST, exclusive) All Volunteer Museum Grants are awarded free of GST. If the applicant is registered for GST M&G NSW will pay that component.
7 April 2024 Aboriginal Languages Revival Program

The program aims to promote and raise awareness of Aboriginal languages in communities across NSW, consistent with the objectives of the Aboriginal Languages Act 2017 (NSW).  The Aboriginal Languages Revival Program seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Support local Aboriginal Communities to develop and establish new and emerging Aboriginal Language activities that benefit Aboriginal Communities.
  • Develop new resources to support Aboriginal Language growth and nurturing.
  • Promote wider use and appreciation of Aboriginal activities.
  • Support Aboriginal communities to lead Aboriginal language growth and nurturing.
  • Aligns with the objectives and functions of the Aboriginal Languages Act 2017 (NSW).

Opens 4 March 2024

Closes 12 April 2024

NAIDOC Grants Program The theme for NAIDOC Week in 2024 is Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud. Applicants can apply for grants of $500 to $3,000 (excluding GST) for the hosting of activities and events during NAIDOC Week that celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements, and align with the theme of NAIDOC Week in 2024. Events and activities must be held between 7 July 2024 and 30 November 2024.
10 May 2024 Qantas Regional Grants

Qantas is offering $2 million in support to Australian-based communities and projects that are looking to benefit Australia's regional areas. There is no maximum or minimum allocation – this is entirely at the discretion of the panel. The $2 million is divided between marketing support ($750,000) and flights and cash ($1,250,000).

Examples of eligible applicants:

  • A teacher applying for funds to create a playground at the local school.
  • A sporting club looking for flight funding to support a domestic trip to a competitive competition.
  • An event organiser applying to promote their event to a broader audience in collaboration with Qantas.
  • A charity looking to expand their program into regional areas (eg breast cancer trucks visiting regional towns).

Opens 13 March 2024

Closes 29 May 2024

Heywire Youth Innovation Grants

The FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grant program helps communities take action on ideas generated by young Australians on issues that matter to remote, rural and regional youth. The Heywire Project Ideas are developed annually at the Heywire Youth Summit in Canberra. Grants of up to $10,000 are available for communities to act on these issues by either adopting or adapting the project ideas.That might include implementing the idea as developed by the Heywire Youth or by adapting it to respond to the issue the project idea seeks to address with an initiative that meets the needs of young people in your community. Through these grants, this program aims to: Make remote, rural and regional Australia a better place to grow up for young Australians;Put young people at the centre of decision making about issues affecting them within their community; Strengthen young people’s connections to their community, by providing an avenue for organisations to engage well with youth. The Heywire Youth Summit provides an opportunity for youth from across Australia to collectively identify issues that have impacted them growing up in remote, rural and regional Australia, and then develop project ideas that address these issues.

The 2024 Heywire issues impacting young Australians are:

  • Bussin’: How might we create more accessible transport options for young people in regional and rural communities
  • MEE (Mentoring Educating Empowering): How might we close the gap in accessing quality education for young people in regional, rural and remote communities
  • A Place for You: How might we improve accessibility to mental health services in remote and regional areas of Australia
  • The Bigger Picture: How can we empower young people in regional towns to celebrate their differences and foster connection among themselves
  • Safe Sphere: How might we ensure that young people in regional and remote communities receive relevant and comprehensive sexual education
  • Youth 2 Grassroots: How might we promote a stronger connection between individuals and their land by fostering a culture of environmental protection and stewardship

Grants of up to $10,000 are available for communities to act on these issues by either adopting or adapting one of these six project ideas. The 2024 Heywire winners came up with some innovative ideas to address these issues. If you need inspiration on how you might adapt the idea to address these issues within your community, you can apply for a Heywire grant to fund the initiative.

7 June 2024 Fair - Community Wellbeing Fund

The Ian Potter Foundation's Community Wellbeing program seeks to fund initiatives delivered by organisations supporting people with disabilities, or otherwise marginalised individuals primarily with the objective to secure employment pathways. The Foundation seeks to identify and support those organisations which have well thought out projects that seek to help vulnerable members of the community to overcome the challenging circumstances in which they find themselves.

The Foundation’s support extends both to organisations that have demonstrated success and to those seeking to make well-considered innovations.  The Foundation favours programs that are preventative in nature and seek to address the root causes of disadvantage. 

Funding objective: To improve circumstances for disadvantaged members of the community, this program area funds initiatives delivered by organisations supporting people with disabilities, or otherwise marginalised individuals primarily with the objective to secure employment pathways. Organisations of any size are encouraged to apply. The Foundation only considers grant applications for multi-year grants for a minimum of $100,000. The Foundation particularly encourages applications in high-need areas that have a strong volunteer component and/or a volunteer Board that is a representative cross-section of the community.  You must speak to the Program Manager to discuss your proposal prior to submitting an Expression of Interest.

30 June 2024 Small Grants Program - Aboriginal Languages Trust

The Aboriginal Languages Trust Small Grants Program provides open and non-competitive grants between $500 to $15,000 to support Language activities by NSW Aboriginal not for profit Community organisations, groups, and Aboriginal sole traders. 

Funding can be used for projects that meet the objectives identified under the ALT strategic plan: Community driven Language activities that support the growth and use of Aboriginal Language in that Community; Strengthening Aboriginal Community participation in Language activity; Support for Aboriginal People and Communities preparing resources for Language programs; Meeting Language training and development costs of Aboriginal Community organisations and groups; Purchase of minor equipment or services to deliver Language programs to Aboriginal Communities.

31 July 2024 Forbes Shire Council Community Funding Program

This program provides financial and in-kind support to encourage and assist community groups and organisations to make a positive and ongoing contribution to the community’s wellbeing, cultural life and environmental sustainability. 

Each financial year there will be a maximum of $100,000 available for projects that will assist organisations to make a positive and ongoing contribution to the community’s wellbeing, cultural life, economic development and environmental sustainability. $50,000 will be available in each of two assessment rounds, with funding available for projects in four categories:

  • Culture and the Arts;
  • Sport and Recreation;
  • Community Services;
  • Rural Village Enhancement

Each of the four categories will have a total of $25,000 available annually, with unspent funds from the September assessment round rolling over into the following round. Unspent funds will not roll over into a new financial year.

Eligible community groups and organisations can apply for up to $5,000 per project for: Funding Assistance: direct cash contribution towards undertaking a project or running an activity or event; In-Kind Assistance: contributions of physical Council resources (such as waiving of Council’s Fees and Charges, venue or plant hire and labour). The estimated cost of this in-kind assistance will be included in the funding allocation. Combination of funding assistance and in-kind assistance (with an estimated total of $5,000 or less).

For projects involving capital works (construction of new infrastructure, or the upgrade, refurbishment or extension of existing infrastructure – eg. Installation of new fence, construction of new storage shed, painting of existing toilet block etc), applicants must be able to demonstrate at least 50% funding towards the project. This may take the form of a cash contribution and/or an in-kind contribution, such as the use of volunteers or resources donated from another source.

Various grants are available for encouraging sporting pursuits of all ages. They can provide funds to buy equipment and uniforms through to infrastructure and maintenance of grounds.



 Closes Grant Description
23 February 2024 Play Well Participation Grant Program Supported by the Australian Government, the Australian Sports Commission Play Well Participation Grant Program (the Program) will invest in innovative new or expand existing programs that address the barriers to participation and increase involvement in sport and physical activity. Grants range from $10,000 to $300,000 to support eligible organisations. National sporting organisations, national sporting organisations for people with disability, national physical activity providers and Local Government Councils are eligible to apply. Clubs are not eligible to apply as primary grant applicants but are encouraged to talk to their state and/or national bodies to express their interest in the Program.
23 February 2024
Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program The Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program is aimed at providing Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and associated equipment to NSW sport and recreation facilities and clubs. The grant amount will fund the cost of an approved AED package up to $3,000. Applicants can request a grant for one AED package and are limited to one application per financial year. Note: Applicants who have received funding under previous rounds of the Local Sport Defibrillator Program are eligible to apply but will only be funded if the program allocation has not been fully expended by the closing date.
30 April 2024 Local Para Champions The Local Para Champions program provides financial assistance for coaches, officials and competitors aged 12-24 participating in state, national or international championships for athletes with a disability. If successful, applicants will receive $750-$1000 towards the cost of attending their championships.
10 May 2024 Qantas Regional Grants
Qantas is offering $2 million in support to Australian-based communities and projects that are looking to benefit Australia's regional areas. There is no maximum or minimum allocation – this is entirely at the discretion of the panel. The $2 million is divided between marketing support ($750,000) and flights and cash ($1,250,000).

Examples of eligible applicants:

  • A teacher applying for funds to create a playground at the local school.
  • A sporting club looking for flight funding to support a domestic trip to a competitive competition.
  • An event organiser applying to promote their event to a broader audience in collaboration with Qantas.
  • A charity looking to expand their program into regional areas (eg breast cancer trucks visiting regional towns).
07 August 2024 Telstra Footy Country Grants

The Telstra Footy Country Grants is designed to financially assist initiatives that can support Community Clubs affiliated to the AFL to strengthen the base and secure the future in three key strategic areas. Local football clubs across Australia will have the opportunity to share in an $8 million funding boost over the next four years, as the AFL and Telstra launch Telstra Footy Country Grants. With a pool of $2 million to be distributed in 2024, eligible regional and metro clubs can apply for grants up to $20,000 - helping strengthen, sustain and grow local footy.

As the foundation of our great game and the heartbeat of communities, investment in local clubs is vital to ensuring everyone has access to play Aussie Rules and experience the health, social and wellbeing benefits that come with belonging to a club. Aligned to the AFL strategic objectives, the grants will look to strengthen the base and secure the future of community football through the following criteria: Grow and assist volunteer capacity; Grow and diversify participation; Improve club environments and experiences. 


Art Grants offer support to artists in all fields of the arts to support them in creating their work, and free them up to concentrate on creating. These grants can cover all forms of the Arts including performance, collaborations, productions, publishing, recording and creative development.

 Closes Grant Description
Ongoing Quick response Small Projects - Create NSW Small Project Grants support the creation, development and presentation of new work and professional development or promotion for NSW-based professional artists and arts and cultural workers. You can apply for between $500 and $5000 towards your project. Ongoing rounds.
10 March 2024 National Regional Arts Fellowship Program

The Fellowships Program is an investment in the development of artistic and creative practice. The program is contemporary, flexible and relevant to artists practicing, working and living in regional, rural and remote Australia.  

The National Regional Arts Fellowship aims to provide guaranteed income for artists/practitioners to build connections, generate exchange, strengthen the national network of regional artists, arts workers and communities, and through doing so: Encourage and support sustainable economic, cultural, and environmental careers and/or artistic practices for regional and remote artists and arts workers. Support a diversity of artforms, career stages, cultures, and geographies. Generate strategic, collaborative relationships for the benefit of arts and creative practice across the regional and remote arts sector. Support quality and viability of artistic and cultural activity in regional and remote Australia.

Fellowships available: Six fellowships will be available in 2024 with a total funding pool of $100,000. At least fifty percent of the fellowships provided will be targeted to cohorts that Regional Arts Australia has identified as being under-funded or under-represented in the Regional Arts Fund competitive grants program. Applicants to the targeted streams will also be automatically considered for the open streams.

12 March 2024
 Live Music Australia

The program is designed to bring more live music to Australian communities and will fund applications that support quality original Australian live music that is professionally staged. The program will:

  • support the development, growth and innovation of Australian contemporary live music by increasing performance opportunities for original contemporary music by Australian artists. 
  • support a sustainable venue-based live music industry by building professional capacity within venues
  • support partnerships, collaboration and networks across the Australian live music industry.

The grant program will run from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2024, with $5 million available per year. The maximum grant amount is $100,000.

15 March 2023

Hadley's Art Prize Hobart

The Hadley’s Art Prize, Hobart is an annual, acquisitive Australian landscape art prize to be awarded to the best portrayal of the Australian landscape. The Hadley’s Art Prize, Hobart is an annual, acquisitive Australian landscape art prize offered by the owner(s) of Hadley’s Orient Hotel, Hobart, with a major prize of $100,000. The prize is to be awarded to the best portrayal of the Australian landscape.

The Hadley’s Art Prize, Hobart is open to Australian artists who are over the age of eighteen (18) years (see details below) who submit their own original landscape work in two-dimensional media (excluding photography and film) (the work).

A panel of three Australian art specialist judges will select the finalists and the winning entry. The winner will be announced at the opening of the exhibition finalists’ works at the galleries at Hadley’s Orient Hotel, Hobart, Tasmania. The winner of the People’s Choice Award (non- acquisitive) will be announced in the final week of the exhibition.

9 April 2024 Creative Leadership Program

The Creative Leadership Program is a new 18 month professional development program supporting artists and creative workers with at least five years experience from any career stage. This program brings diverse forms of arts and cultural leadership together to create transformative change in our complex world.

Across the program, you will engage in-person and online in mentoring, training, workshops, peer-to-peer coaching and conversations. You will spend time on Country learning from First Nations Elders, connect with artists, be guided by experienced facilitators and hear from speakers working across and beyond arts and cultural work. The program includes: $7,000 grant for self-directed professional development; 2 in-person multi-day workshops in a regional location; 12 online peer-to-peer coaching sessions; 3 online keynote conversations; optional attendance at a networking event in your region. You must be available for all in-person and online program activities to be eligible to apply. 

You will focus your exploration of leadership practices through one of three leadership themes: Inspiring climate action; Transforming how we work; Creating shared value. There is no program fee and there is a range of support available. 



Environmental Grants can support community groups undertaking projects that will make a positive difference to the natural living environment, on land or in air, rural or urban. We will direct organisations and individuals to the right support grants available.


 Closes Grant Title
Ongoing Small Environment Grants

Wettenhall Environment Trust are providing support for people undertaking projects that will make a positive difference to the natural living environment, in land, sea or air, rural or urban. The Trust support grassroots organisations and individuals, and academics who are working with on-ground community groups. The Trust are looking for projects around about flora and fauna conservation around Australia. These projects should involve any of the following: monitoring, recording and sharing data; delivering community education; providing community capacity building (e.g. training); research and science. 

Grants are usually under $10,000. Wettenhall also grants on behalf of donors, and sometimes these programs can be over $10,000. If you have a project over $10,000, check with the Executive Director. Universities and academics can only apply for up to $5,000.

21 February 2024 Saving Native Species - Grants for game changers for threatened species

This opportunity provides funding to deliver improved long-term outcomes for threatened species by developing methods, tools, technologies, or products to manage the impact of broad-scale threats. 

The Australian Government has announced a total of $224.5 million over four years for the program. For this grant opportunity up to $11.5 million is available. The grant amount will be up to 100 per cent of eligible project expenditure (grant percentage). The minimum grant amount is $30,000. The maximum grant amount is $3,000,000.

The objective of the grant opportunity is to develop new tools to mitigate the impact of broad-scale threats on threatened species (Target 19, Action Plan). The grant opportunity will deliver this objective by funding innovative approaches (such as new methods, tools, technologies, or products) where the proof of concept has already been completed and there is an identified path to using this innovation for conservation threat abatement within Australia. 

This funding will deliver benefits to biodiversity, in particular the proposed projects to be funded must identify one or more key threatening processes under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) that will be abated or partially abated by the project. A secondary objective of the grant opportunity is to assist in contributing to one or more Action Plan targets including:

  • Target 1: All priority species are on track for improved trajectory.
  • Target 4: All priority places are on track to have improved condition.
  • Target 7: Impacts of climate change on priority species and places are identified and actions are underway to strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity.
  • Target 21: At least half the number of projects that benefit priority species and priority places receive private investment or support from partners.

You must complete your project by 31 March 2026.

26 February 2024 Indigenous Rangers Program The IRP is a program that assists First Nations people to manage Country in accordance with Traditional Owners’ objectives, delivering a range of environmental, cultural, social and economic development outcomes. The priorities of the IRP Expansion Round One are: Expanding the IRP footprint in places without Indigenous rangers, with state/territory based indicative allocations based on full time equivalent ranger positions; Increasing the number of women Indigenous rangers (or women’s ranger groups); Increasing Indigenous rangers on dedicated Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) currently without IRP rangers. 

1st March 2024

Hermon Slade Foundation

The Hermon Slade Foundation supports activities that aim to improve systems of managing land, water, plants and animals in ways which will enhance the productivity and quality of food, fisheries, plants and forests, while simultaneously conserving the natural environment, preserving biodiversity, avoiding pollution of soils and water, and enhancing human welfare. 

The Foundation typically provides project grants up to A$30,000 per year for up to three years. Grants are awarded to Australian institutions for activities within Australia. Occasionally activities located in countries of the south west Pacific may also be funded.

15 March 2024 Woolworths Junior Landcare Grants

This national program seeks to inspire the next generation of environmental champions by funding biodiversity, food production, First Nations perspectives and waste management focused activities. The Woolworths Junior Landcare grants program gives children across the country an opportunity to get hands-on with environmental and sustainability projects, learn new skills and knowledge, connect with their peers and enjoy the wellbeing benefits of time spent outdoors in nature. The Junior Landcare Learning Centre provides a library of activities that primary schools and early learning centres can use to develop and implement an environmental project, such as creating a food or Indigenous-plant use garden, creating a sensory garden, learning about waste management and more.

Project funding available: Woolworths Junior Landcare Grants of up to $1,000.00 (ex GST) each, will be offered in the 2024 Grant round, with up to 1,000 Grants available. Funding is available for materials to support environmental projects.

25 March 2024 Groundswell Grants

Groundswell grants fund strategic climate advocacy to shift power, politics and legislation towards decisive, rapid and just greenhouse gas emissions reductions this decade.

Groundswell support organisations creating the social, economic and political conditions to reduce emissions to levels that will avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Groundswell fund climate action that:

  • Builds the movement: Powerful community-led campaigns that bring new and diverse people into the climate movement to shape the national conversation on climate action. Success looks like a powerful, vibrant, well-connected movement that is continually growing and achieving more ambitious reforms to cut greenhouse pollution and solve the climate crisis.
  • Changes the story: Storytelling that reaches a wide range of Australians and motivates people to do what it takes to make the world we need. Success looks likes published narratives that expose the damage of fossil fuel polluters and inspire a cultural shift towards ambitious climate action. 
  • Shifts the money: Strategies that shift the financial sector away from fossil fuels and into renewable energy, including divestment campaigns, shareholder activism and corporate social license campaigns. Success looks like reduced flows of capital for dirty industries and increased levels of capital flowing for clean economy initiatives. 
  • Changes the politics: Campaigns and strategies designed to directly influence politicians to take greater leadership on climate change, such as think tanks or constituency groups. Success looks new policy and laws being introduced and enforced to solve the climate crisis. 

Funding There are 6 x $40,000 grants on offer. If you meet Groundswell guidelines in your EOI they will invite you to submit a full application.

29 March 2024 Natural Hazards STEM Support Program

 The Natural Hazards STEM Support Program (the Program) is a new $800,000 competitive grants program in 2023/24 to enhance STEM outreach in schools, focusing on technology education relevant to natural hazard management and response. It builds on the success of the Bushfire STEM in Schools Program, expanding the remit to deliver STEM-focused education programs covering natural hazards to improve student learning outcomes and build resilience in communities.

The Program aims to enhance the STEM education and skill development of students in kindergarten through to Year 12, through the implementation of program/s that focus on technologies directly relevant to the management and response of natural hazards. This strategic focus is intended to inspire the next generation of innovators and technologists by not only educating but also igniting the curiosity of students in technological domains.

Eligible organisations will be required to deliver STEM-focused education programs covering natural hazards directly to the school children and/or provide the training required for school staff and teachers to deliver the programs themselves. A program can be either an established program or a pilot program. Eligible organisations can apply for up to $400,000 per grant application in FY 2023/24, with projects delivered in the following financial year.

2 April 2024 Protecting Our Places

The 2024 round of the NSW Environmental Trust’s Protecting Our Places grant program is now open to Aboriginal organisations around NSW. 

A total of $500,000 in funding is available in this round for projects that encourage and empower Aboriginal communities to protect, conserve and restore cultural landscapes that are important to local Aboriginal communities. The program is open to Local Aboriginal Land Councils, NSW Aboriginal Corporations, NSW Incorporated Associations, Non-distributing NSW Co-operatives and NSW Registered Native Title Body Corporates. Grants of up to $80,000 are available over two stages and successful grantees will receive support from the Trust in the form of project management capacity-building training and mentoring. Each project must be led by an Aboriginal organisation. However, applicants are encouraged to work in partnership with other relevant stakeholders to strengthen their project proposals.

If your organisation is not incorporated or does not have the capacity to manage the financial aspects of the project, you may nominate another organisation (e.g. NPWS, LLS, LALC, NGOs, local council, etc.) to administer the grant funds on your behalf. The external manager must be an incorporated or registered organisation.

 30 June 2027 Bin Trim Equipment Rebates Program  New incentives are on offer in NSW workplaces to reduce waste, increase recycling, and improve the bottom line thanks to a $6 million rebate initiative over the next three years. Rebates of up to $50,000 covering up to 50% of the capital cost of small-scale, on-site recycling equipment or technology. What sort of equipment is eligible? balers, briquette presses, bulk bag stands and bulk bags, cardboard perforator, commercial worm farms, compactors, food waste monitoring equipment e.g., smart scale, glass crushers, granulators, organics rapid decomposition units (where output is sent to a licenced composting facility), plastic injection moulders, shredders, smart scales and other food waste monitoring equipment, source separation bins, wheelie bins, skip bins and other bin equipment – with bin signs and stickers, trolleys to transport waste and maximise waste separation and diversion.




Funding, grants and assistance for agriculture industries can be found here.

Grant Description
  Off-farm Efficiency Program - Water

The Australian Government’s Off-farm Efficiency Program is an initiative to upgrade water infrastructure to reduce water losses and increase water available for the environment. Projects funded under the program will provide long-term benefits through improved water infrastructure and reduced water losses. Water users and the community will also benefit from increased water reliability and the creation of job opportunities.

1st March 2024

Hermon Slade Foundation

The Hermon Slade Foundation supports activities that aim to improve systems of managing land, water, plants and animals in ways which will enhance the productivity and quality of food, fisheries, plants and forests, while simultaneously conserving the natural environment, preserving biodiversity, avoiding pollution of soils and water, and enhancing human welfare. 

The Foundation typically provides project grants up to A$30,000 per year for up to three years. Grants are awarded to Australian institutions for activities within Australia. Occasionally activities located in countries of the south west Pacific may also be funded.

17 March 2024 Innovate to Grow: Agrifood Innovate to Grow is a free 10-week virtual, self-paced learning program for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The program will help you explore how research and development (R&D) collaboration can advance your innovative project or idea. This program is open to Australian SMEs working on innovative technologies or solutions in the agricultural and food industry. This program will assist you in: Refining your innovation idea and learning how to transform it into an R&D opportunity; Accessing tools and information for a comprehensive understanding of R&D collaboration and key considerations at each step; Applying this knowledge to advance your technology or R&D concept; Gaining industry insights, hearing from experts, and networking with researchers and R&D mentors; Collaborating with like-minded SMEs and expanding your professional network.
31 May 2024 On Farm Connectivity Program The On Farm Connectivity Program provides eligible Equipment Suppliers with up to $30,000 rebate for sales of digital farming technology to eligible Primary Producers to help improve their connectivity and productivity. A rebate of up to $30,000 to cover up to 50% of the cost of eligible digital farming technology.



Emergency Assistance

Funding, grants and assistance for those affected by natural disaster can be found here: Support and Assistance 

29 February 2024 Natural Disaster Grants

This grant supports natural disaster relief including support of the volunteer brigades called upon in times of need particularly during fires and floods. Consideration is also given in this program to natural disasters occurring beyond the geographical boundaries normally supported.  There are two Funding Rounds per Program per calendar year. There may be emergency and disaster funding made available at varying times.

Funding applications are taken at two levels: Expression of Interest - All enquiries for funding must follow this step first. Providing this basic level of information will assist the Directors to determine whether further information is required. Generally, an Expression of Interest will be sufficient for Grassroots Grants – up to $25,000. Significant Grants are those $25,000 and over and will require completion of a Formal Application when requested. 

Formal Application - The Directors will call for a Formal Application where they believe you have met the Foundation’s objectives through your expression of interest and your request is for a Significant Grant.


Funding, grants and assistance for businesses can be found here.

 Closes Grant Description
Ongoing SafeWork Small Business Rebate If you are a small business owner in NSW, this $1,000 rebate will help you purchase safety items to improve work health and safety for you and your workers. This program is administered by SafeWork NSW.
Ongoing First Nations Tourism Mentoring Program

The FNTMP can support you to grow your tourism business by connecting you with expert advice, tailored learning and access to culturally respectful industry specialists. If you are a First Nations tourism business and you have aspirations to grow, the FNTMP will give you access to free one-on-one mentoring, delivered in a way which suits your needs. 

The FNTMP can support you to grow your tourism business by: connecting you with industry professionals who can provide free, one-on-one advice; and culturally respectful support; providing access to a suite of learning supports and resources developed for and tailored to the First Nations tourism sector.

The mentoring will be delivered by industry specialists who have: tourism industry knowledge and experience including understanding of local tourism opportunities; experience working in a culturally appropriate and respectful manner with First Nations businesses and/or communities; previous experience providing business advice and support (including mentoring) and/or owning and operating a business.

It is a flexible program and the mentoring will be a mixture of face to face and online as preferred. Mentees will have an initial, one-on-one meeting with their mentor to discuss the current state of their business, their goals and objectives and to agree on the duration and frequency of mentoring as per the table below. 

Small Business Skills and Training Boost Through the Australian Taxation Office, this initiative provides small businesses with a bonus tax deduction to help them train new staff and upskill existing staff. Small businesses with an aggregated annual turnover of less than $50 million will be allowed an additional 20% tax deduction for external training courses delivered to employees by registered training providers. The boost applies to eligible expenditure incurred from 7:30 pm AEDT on 29 March 2022 until 30 June 2024. The expenditure must be: for the provision of training to employees of your business, either in-person in Australia, or online; charged, directly or indirectly, by a registered external training provider that is not you or an associate of yours; already deductible for your business under taxation law; incurred within a specified period (between 7:30 pm AEDT or by legal time in the ACT on 29 March 2022 and 30 June 2024).
Ongoing Small Business Technology Investment Boost This initiative allows small businesses to claim a 20% bonus deduction on technology expenditure to help digitise their business. Small businesses with an aggregated annual turnover of less than $50 million will be allowed an additional 20% tax deduction to support their digital operations and digitise their operations. The boost applies to eligible expenditure incurred between 7:30 pm AEDT on 29 March 2022 and 30 June 2023. The boost is for business expenses and depreciating assets and is capped at $100,000 of expenditure per income year. You can receive a maximum bonus deduction of $20,000 per income year. Eligible expenditure includes, but is not limited to: digital enabling items – computer and telecommunications hardware and equipment, software, internet costs, systems and services that form and facilitate the use of computer networks; digital media and marketing – audio and visual content that can be created, accessed, stored or viewed on digital devices, including web page design; e-commerce – goods or services supporting digitally ordered or platform-enabled online transactions, portable payment devices, digital inventory management, subscriptions to cloud-based services, and advice on digital operations or digitising operations, such as advice about digital tools to support business continuity and growth; cyber security – cyber security systems, backup management and monitoring services.
Ongoing Self Employment Assistance Program Self-Employment Assistance can help you turn your business idea or existing small business into a viable business. Self-Employment Assistance can help you with your business idea or existing business through its flexible services including: Exploring Self-Employment Workshops; Business Plan Development; free accredited Small Business Training; Business Advice Sessions; Business Health Checks; Small Business Coaching.
Industry Growth Program The program supports innovative small and medium enterprises undertaking commercialisation and/or growth projects within the National Reconstruction Fund priority areas through advisory services and opportunities for matched grant funding. The NRF priority areas are: value-add in resources; value-add in agriculture, forestry and fisheries; transport; medical science; renewables and low emission technologies; defence capability; enabling capabilities.
23 February 2024 Coles Nurture Fund Through the Nurture Fund, existing small to medium businesses may apply for funding to enable them to take the next step in creating value for business and customers. To be eligible, businesses must demonstrate that they are seeking funding for a project which is unique, drives innovation and provides outstanding sustainability benefits. Applicants must generate less than $25 million in annual revenue and employ 50 or fewer full-time employees. Businesses don’t need to be a supplier to Coles to apply. The maximum single amount provided under the CNF is $500,000.
12 March 2024 2024 Return to Work Pathways Program

This program funds NSW organisations to implement projects that support women from focus communities who are experiencing persistent barriers to employment.

The Return to Work Pathways Program (RTWPP) supports women from focus communities gain increased work readiness and to secure sustainable employment. The RTWPP delivers on NSW Government priorities including the NSW Women’s Strategy 2023 - 2026. The primary objective of the RTWPP is to reduce barriers for women to enter or re-enter the workforce.  The RTWPP will address the needs of women experiencing complex and persistent barriers to employment, and support women to gain increased work readiness, confidence and employment. A variety of bespoke and tailored projects will be funded to provide wraparound supports including training, mentoring and pathways to employment. Projects will be targeted to focus communities, responding to their specific needs, life stages and circumstances. 

Funding for projects will vary within the range of $100,000 - $250,000 depending on the project model, the number of participants to be supported, and the level and intensity of services and supports provided to participants.

18 March 2024 Corporate Travel Grant Flight Centre are focused on helping to support the ongoing growth and success of SMEs. Flight Centre Business Travel is thrilled to announce the return of their annual Corporate Travel Grant, opening doors for Aussie businesses with the chance to claim a share in over $40,000* of travel grant prizes. There will be one Major Prize consisting of the below which all must be booked through Flight Centre Business Travel to redeem; 
Virgin Australia Travel credits airfares up to the value of $20,000; 2 x Virgin Australia Platinum Membership IHG accommodation credit up to the value of $5,000; Hertz Car Hire credit to the value of $3000. Total prize value is over $30,000.
29 March 2024 Medium Business Support Grant

Flood support for medium businesses and not-for-profit organisations: The NSW Government’s Medium Business Support Grant of up to $200,000 can help eligible medium businesses and not-for-profit organisations in Southern and Central West NSW with the costs of reinstating operations following the floods commencing on 4 August and 14 September 2022. 

Which costs are covered? Covered costs could include, but aren't limited to, payment for tradespeople to conduct safety inspections, equipment and materials essential for immediately resuming operations, the removal and disposal of debris or damaged materials and stock, repairing premises, replacing fittings or leasing a temporary premises. 

Who is eligible? To be eligible, applicants must: 
•be a medium business or not-for-profit organisation (with between 21 and 200 full-time employees)
•have experienced direct damage as a result of floods commencing on 4 August and 14 September 2022 
intend to re-establish the medium business or not-for-profit organisation within the same area 
•have held an ABN as at 4 August 2022 or 14 September 2022 (as applicable). 

14 June 2024 Metering Plan Implementation Grants

The implementation of metering and monitoring systems is a critical step towards identifying energy saving opportunities and building the case for equipment upgrades. The NSW Government are helping NSW businesses by providing up to $100,000 to cover up to 50% of the cost of implementing the recommendations of your energy metering and monitoring plan. This means you can fill in the metering and monitoring gaps identified in your plan.  The grant is part of the $12 million metering package that supports businesses across the different stages of the metering and monitoring process. This will help NSW businesses overcome barriers to improving energy performance and help NSW reach net zero emissions by 2050.  

There is $1.5 million in funding available in round 1. You can apply for a grant of up to $100,000 (excluding GST) to cover up to 50% of the eligible project costs.  

01 July 2024 National Energy Bill relief for Small Businesses (Embedded Networks) 

Some small businesses are located in an embedded electricity network (on-supply) and get an energy bill or invoice from, or on behalf of, the owners or management company where your business is located such as shopping centres. If you are an embedded network (on-supply) customer, you can now apply for your bill relief payment online. Your application will be processed by the Office of Energy and Climate Change within 2-6 weeks. Eligible small businesses using less than 100 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity per year will receive a one-off bill relief payment of up to $650 towards their electricity bill.

5:00pm, 31 December 2024 Regional Investment Activation Fund Stream 2 The $110 million Regional Investment Activation Fund will co-invest with eligible entities on projects that will deliver, significant economic, social and/or environmental benefits for a priority industry or location.


Grant Success Stories

In the 2022/23 financial year, fifteen grants have been successful to a total value: $27,789,725. We continue to strive for more success stories for our community. Please contact us if you need help with your next grant application.

Community Group Success Story

The Forbes Dragon Boat Club were successful in obtaining a grant through Forbes Shire Council's Community Funding Program. The club has purchased a new trailer with the funds to help them move their 10's boat in and out of the water and into storage.  Well done to those involved and happy rowing!

 Dragon Boat 1