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There are many potential sources of grants or funding for community projects.  These include; government funding (state and federal), private philanthropic organisations and even private companies who may offer sponsorship. To get you started on your grants journey click on the category below that matches your project and have a browse. If you are unsure about which category is a match contact our grants officers for some advice. 

Please note - Council does not provide funding to individuals. Twice a year applications are taken for Council's Community Funding Program. Click here for more information.

Grants Officer

Forbes Shire Council has a Grants Officer available to assist residents in finding and preparing grant applications. The Grants Officer can not only assist you to find a funding source but can give you some great tips on giving yourself the best chance of success.  Hint – number one is about committing to planning your project well before you start to even think about how you are going to pay for it!

To learn more about the grants available and other great tips make an appointment to discuss by contacting Council 02 6850 2300 or email


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These grants provide small amounts of money that organisations and community groups can use to help their volunteers. The grants form part of the State and Federal Government's work to support volunteers, as well as to encourage and increase participation in volunteering.

 Closes Grant Description
Ongoing Grants & Funding NSW Government Find a government initiative, grant or funding program to help support your business, your project or your community.
Ongoing  Strengthening Rural Communities - Small & Vital The Strengthening Rural Communities (SRC) Small & Vital stream gives small remote, rural and regional communities across Australia the opportunity to access funds for a broad range of initiatives that directly and clearly benefit local communities.

Grants up to $10,000 are available for a broad range of grassroots, community-led initiatives that directly and clearly benefit local communities that strengthen local people, places and climate solutions, with a preference for smaller communities (populations under 15,000).

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and assessed quarterly. 
12 September 2023 Community Road Safety Grants

Grants to help community groups across NSW develop small-scale, local projects. These projects increase road safety awareness in local communities and promote safer behaviours on our roads. 

There are two categories of grants available.

$5,000 category: Grants up to $5,000 (plus GST) are available for local community road safety projects. This category may include small community education projects such as road rules education, pedestrian safety, or safety for children in vehicles and driveways.These projects aim to increase road safety awareness in specific community groups or locations. Apply here.

$30,000 category: A limited number of $30,000 (plus GST) road safety grants are also available. This category applies to more significant projects that involve a broader reach within the community.

13 September 2023 Bupa Foundation Community Grants

Applications are now open for projects to be run in 2024 that aim to make a positive impact in Australian and New Zealand communities. Grants of up to $10,000 from the Bupa Foundation are available for projects that fall into one of the Bupa Foundation's two focus areas:
Healthy minds – building mentally healthy and resilient communities
Healthy planet, healthy people – supporting a healthy planet for healthy people

15 September 2023 Australia-Japan Foundation Grant Program

The objectives of the International Relations Grant Program are to promote people-to-people links and a contemporary and positive image of Australia and support for the Australian Government’s international policy goals. The Australia-Japan Foundation seeks to advance Australia’s engagement with Japan by supporting people-to-people linkages; amplifying and shifting perceptions of Australia in Japan to reflect contemporary Australia; and facilitating the promotion of the inventive, innovative capabilities that Australia brings to Australia-Japan collaborations across broad and ever sophisticated sectors. The Australia-Japan Foundation also seeks to bring to the fore, awareness of the ongoing vital importance of Australia and Japan on each other’s foreign and trade policies by facilitating informed discussions.

The objectives of the Australia Japan Foundation are to increase awareness and understanding in Japan of shared interests with Australia; to increase awareness and understanding in Australia of the importance of Japan to Australia as an economic and strategic partner; and to increase recognition in Japan of Australian excellence and expertise.

To achieve its objectives, the AJF will prioritise high quality programs particularly, but not exclusively, across any one of the three cross-cutting themes: youth; gender, diversity and inclusion; and innovation.

Grant amount: $700,000 is available for this grant opportunity. Grant applications for a minimum of $10,000 to a maximum of $50,000 per year will be considered.

22 September 2023

Community Grants Provided by Mary MacKillop Today, the Community Grants Program supports small but life-changing initiatives that provide opportunities for life-long learning in Australian communities. 
29 September 2023
Heritage Bank Charitable Foundation 2023 Grant

The Heritage Bank Charitable Foundation are thrilled to announce an incredible $137,000 in grants are on offer to eligible charities, including the new $50,000 Heritage and People’s Choice Grant. 

The new grant celebrates the successful merger between Heritage Bank and People’s Choice Credit Union and recognises both organisations’ long history of community support.A total of six grants are available and are to be used to support the overall costs of a specific program that has a proven track record of creating impact in one of our three focus areas.  They are not tied to individual aspects of a program, for example transport, wages or consumables. 

Heritage and People's Choice Grant
This new grant will support a charity that works across the majority of Heritage and People’s Choice footprint delivering an existing program in one or all of our focus areas.1 x $50,000 grant with the focus area of: Positive educational and alternative pathways to help at-risk children and teenagers; Health care services for vulnerable Australians and their families; and/or Support for the economic and social wellbeing of people in regional, rural and remote communities, including in times of natural disasters.
The Heritage and People’s Choice Grant is a standalone grant. If you apply for this grant you will not be eligible for our other 2023 grants.

The Our Shout Workplace Giving Grant
1 x $27,000 grant with the focus area of: Health care services for vulnerable Australians and their families. If you apply for the Our Shout Workplace Giving Grant you will also automatically register, and be considered for, a Growing Stronger Communities Grant.

Growing Stronger Communities Grants
4 x $15,000 grants with the focus areas of:Positive educational and alternative pathways to help at-risk children and teenagers; Health care services for vulnerable Australians and their families; and/orSupport for the economic and social wellbeing of people in regional, rural and remote communities, including in times of natural disasters.

30 September 2023
Westfund Community Grants Program The Westfund Community Grants Program supports eligible community groups and organisations that inspire the principles of Health and Wellbeing, Family and Community and Fit for Life. Through the Program, Westfund are offering over $120,000 in annual grants to eligible community groups and organisations. Applicants can apply for up to $3,000. The Westfund Community Program also includes the Here for Hearts program, which provides access to defibrillators for eligible organisations.
30 September 2023 Capacity Building Grants

The ETREA Foundation offers financial support, builds collaborative relationships and networks with like-minded organisations committed to supporting and teaching those in need the tools and skills to rebuild their lives and achieve personal fulfilment.

The ETREA Foundation believe everyone has the capacity to achieve personal empowerment. And there are many organisations and small businesses with personal growth and self-development programs, mentoring/coaching, initiatives and projects making a positive difference in the world of others.

Organisations my apply for grants between $2,000 – $10,000. 

30 September 2023 CWA Education Grants CWA of NSW offers a variety of Education Grants to students from NSW. Please see the CWA website for details on each grant.
Monday 2 October 2023 BMD Community Assistance Program

The BMD Community Assistance Program provides one-off sponsorship/ funding grants, up to a value of $5,000 each, for local community groups and organisations that deliver benefits through initiatives, programs or events within the communities in which BMD operates, all throughout Australia. 

BMD work in partnership with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations who embody our values to achieve long lasting impacts to communities and are proud to have committed a total of $100,000 to our 2023 Community Assistance Program. 

6 October 2023 Social and Community Participation (SCP) grant

The objective of the Social and Community Participation (SCP) grant program is to support people with disability, their families and carers to participate, contribute and benefit from mainstream community activities including arts, culture, sport and recreation. The Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) program is a Commonwealth grants program which supports all people with disability, regardless of whether they are eligible for a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) individually funded package.

Through the ILC, the Economic and Community Participation (ECP) program seeks to build the capacity of the community to create opportunities for people with disability.

The Social and Community Participation (SCP) stream is one of 3 streams used to implement the ECP program.Funding available for this grant opportunity is up to $50 million (GST exclusive) over 3 financial years from 2023–24 to 2025–26. There is $8.35 million available in this round. The minimum grant amount is $200,000 (GST exclusive) over 2 years.The maximum grant amount is $2 million (GST exclusive) over 2 years. The maximum period of this grant is 2 years. Activities of a shorter timeframe may also be considered.

9 October 2023, 11am Aboriginal Affairs NSW Cultural Grants Program

The Aboriginal Affairs NSW Cultural Grants Program supports Aboriginal community organisations across NSW to celebrate Aboriginal culture and hold key cultural events and activities.
The AANSW Cultural Grants Program objective are to: support Aboriginal communities to strengthen, protect, and maintain traditional and contemporary expressions of Aboriginal culture; support key contemporary Aboriginal cultural events and activities; contribute to Aboriginal community wellbeing and healing, through the use of Aboriginal culture and community connection; facilitate sharing of Aboriginal cultural knowledge and skills between generations.

Applicants can apply for grants from $500 to $20,000.

9 October 2023
Women's Week Grants - Tier 1

NSW Women’s Week celebrates the diverse contributions of women and girls. It is an opportunity to reflect on the social, economic and achievements of women and girls in NSW. 

NSW Women’s Week will be celebrated between Monday 4 March and Sunday 10 March 2024 to coincide with International Women’s Day on 8 March 2024. 

Tier 1 is an open competitive round to fund events or activities from $5,000 to a maximum of $10,000 per applicant with a $100,000 allocation.

29 October 2023 Royal Agricultural Society Foundation (RASF) Community Futures Grant

RASF is offering opportunities for community-minded people to be awarded up to $25,000 in funding for community projects in their local area. 

The RASF invites ideas that deliver strong community benefits and result in enhanced economic and social outcomes for your community. Projects that involve collaboration between people in your town and deliver sustained and broad community benefits will be highly regarded. Applicants will be passionate about rural and regional NSW and have a good understanding of any issues affecting their community. 

Infrastructure for local showgrounds and Show Societies are eligible. The improvements must demonstrate that they go beyond benefiting just the local Show Society in running the local Show, but rather enabling broader use by other community groups to run on-going projects or programs. Taking part is easy: Identify a need in your rural NSW community; Partner with a local community organisation; Create a project plan for your initiative

31 October 2023 North Parkes Mines Community Investment  Northparkes has two Community Investment Program rounds each year with $50,000 awarded to successful applicants each round – that’s a total of $100,000 in funding.
31 October 2023 Inland Rail Community Sponsorhip  Inland Rail are offering funding between $1000–$4000 for individuals and organisations in regional areas along the Inland Rail route that contribute to local and regional prosperity, well-being and sustainability. There are four rounds each year.
11 November 2023 2023 Anzac Community Grants Program

The Anzac Community Grants Program (ACGP) provides small grants for a range of projects that commemorate and educate New South Wales communities about the service and sacrifices of current and former military servicemen and women. Projects which support activities benefiting the NSW veteran community are also eligible for funding. The Anzac Community Grants Program provides grants of up to $3,000 for a range of projects that either promote appreciation and understanding of the service and sacrifice of military service personnel or support activities and services to enhance the wellbeing of the NSW veteran community.

31 December 2023 Damien Greer Lawyers Community Grant

Damien Greer Lawyers is inviting organisations via a non-competitive process to apply for a Community Grant in 2023. The Damien Greer Lawyers Community Grant program recognises and celebrates organisations that strive to make a positive impact within their local community.

If your organisation is eligible, you can apply for a Community Grant of $2,500. 
The Community Grant program aims to support organisations that work within their local community and encourage the following values:
Helping the community in times of need; Building community togetherness and sense of belonging; Promoting positive health and wellbeing; Supporting community services and groups; Nurturing the local environment.

31 December 2023
WNSW PHN Wellbeing & Resilience Grants

WNSW PHN has identified the need for Wellbeing and Resilience grants for communities affected by the Western NSW 2022 flood disaster event. The Wellbeing and Resilience grants will facilitate the delivery of community led and focused wellbeing initiatives that aim to help improve mental health and build up community resilience.

Community initiatives should address the immediate needs of affected communities and contribute to building long-term capacity and resilience. This includes initiatives that focus on community health and wellbeing; that build community resilience and build the capacity of our volunteer and paid workforce. Funding up to $20,000 is available per application, with the amount received dependent on receipt of a credible budget.

Applications will remain open to 31 December 2023 or until funds are exhausted, or the WNSW PHN closes off applications via the WNSW PHN website.

01 October 2023
31 January 2024
Forbes Shire Council Community Funding
The Community Funding Program is open and organisations are invited to apply for funding for eligible projects (including programs, activities, events and capital works) across four categories:

Sport and Recreation; Culture and the Arts; Community Services; and Rural Village Enhancement.

Not-for-profit community groups and organisations can access up to $5,000 in assistance for each project as either a cash contribution, in-kind support, or a combination of both.

Various grants are available for encouraging sporting pursuits of all ages. They can provide funds to buy equipment and uniforms through to infrastructure and maintenance of grounds.



 Closes Grant Description
29 September 2023 Active Kids Grant - Australian Sports Foundation 

Active Kids grants are intended to assist clubs and organisations to support and encourage young Australians, aged 20 or under, to improve their physical and mental health by increasing their participation in sport. The 2023 grant round will be focusing on volunteer-run grassroots and community clubs and organisations with members aged 20 or younger. Grants will be awarded in the form of playing and training equipment supplied by HART Sport and on-field uniform supplied by ISC Sport.The Active Kids grant can be used to encourage junior and youth participation in the following ways: Engagement of new participants, and/or Retention of existing participants.

There are no cash grants available in the 2023 Active Kids grant round. Please note because there is a limited pool of funds available and the objective is to help as many clubs in need as possible, applicants must only apply for what they NEED, not everything they WANT.

01 October 2023
31 January 2024
Forbes Shire Council Community Funding The Community Funding Program is open and organisations are invited to apply for funding for eligible projects (including programs, activities, events and capital works) across four categories:

Sport and Recreation; Culture and the Arts; Community Services; and Rural Village Enhancement.

Not-for-profit community groups and organisations can access up to $5,000 in assistance for each project as either a cash contribution, in-kind support, or a combination of both.


Art Grants offer support to artists in all fields of the arts to support them in creating their work, and free them up to concentrate on creating. These grants can cover all forms of the Arts including performance, collaborations, productions, publishing, recording and creative development.

 Closes Grant Description
Ongoing Quick response Small Projects - Create NSW Small Project Grants support the creation, development and presentation of new work and professional development or promotion for NSW-based professional artists and arts and cultural workers. You can apply for between $500 and $5000 towards your project. Ongoing rounds.
25 September 2023 Cultural Fund Organisations Grants

The Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund offers grants to support key industry stakeholders to offer sustained and realistic support to Australian writers, publishers, and visual artists. The Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund supports leading Australian organisations with grants to create and deliver exceptional opportunities for Australian writers, journalists, editors, publishers, picture book illustrators, cartoonists, graphic novelists, English and literacy teachers, and visual artists.

The Cultural Fund encourages potential applicants to create opportunities for writers, editors and visual artists at all career stages, and especially for those from First Nations and diverse backgrounds. 

Support for Australian book publishers: Australian publishers may apply for creative writers’ commission fees for new works of exceptional cultural significance; The grant will not replace the publisher’s advance or royalties; The publisher must have a signed contract with the author before applying; The Cultural Fund does not support editorial and production costs or the costs associated with reproducing artwork and illustrations

Support for visual arts organisations: Our priority is to support opportunities for Australian visual artists to create new work with exhibition outcomes; The Cultural Fund is interested in supporting key national art fairs with opportunities to profile and promote Australian visual artists; Our focus will be to support projects where there is a guaranteed exhibition outcome for artists; From 2022 we will not support publications on visual artists or visual arts, including catalogues; Writing on the visual arts, or profiles and other analytical writing on visual artists is not a priority for the Cultural Fund.

4 October 2023 Festivals Australia Program

Festivals Australia supports community participation in, and access to, the arts and aims to support partnerships and collaboration across the sector. The Australian Government provides approximately $1.4 million each financial year through this program. There is no limit to the amount of funding that may be requested. However, the average funding request is around $40,000. Applicants should keep in mind that the Program supports projects that deliver strongly against the Program objectives in regional and remote areas.

Festivals Australia funds high-quality arts projects that invite community participation and audience engagement. Projects can include but are not limited to a parade, performance, workshop, installation or exhibition.

The aim is to give community members living in regional or remote Australia the chance to participate in or attend an arts experience at a festival, or a significant one-off community celebration.

The program is for regional artists, arts workers, and organisations can apply for arts and cultural projects that encourage community participation and audience engagement from people living in regional and remote communities in a festival or community celebration. Please note: Festivals Australia will only fund a single project at a festival, not a range of unrelated activities across a festival program.

10 October 2023 First Nations Emerging Career Development Award

This multi-artform opportunity is available to artists practicing in community arts and cultural development, dance, experimental arts, literature, multi-arts, music, theatre and/or visual arts. 

The First Nations Arts and Culture Awards recognise and celebrate the outstanding work and achievements of First Nations artists and arts workers. On the evening of Monday 27 May 2024, the following awards will be presented: the prestigious Red Ochre Awards for outstanding lifetime achievement for a senior male and female artist; the Dreaming Awards, recognising two emerging First Nations artist;s the First Nations Arts Fellowship to support the creation of a major work by an artist; the First Nations Emerging Career Development Award, supporting two Australian First Nations artists or arts workers to pursue their professional development.

$10,000 awards supporting two First Nations artists or arts workers between 18-30 to pursue their professional development. You can apply for: study/course expenses; masterclass/workshops; travel and accommodation; materials; living expenses; conference attendance.



Environmental Grants can support community groups undertaking projects that will make a positive difference to the natural living environment, on land or in air, rural or urban. We will direct organisations and individuals to the right support grants available.



 Closes Grant Title
29 September 2023 Habitat Action

The Habitat Action Grant program is a devolved grant program directing money raised from the NSW Recreational Fishing Fee toward projects that improve local fish habitats across NSW.  Angling clubs, individuals, community groups, local councils and organisations interested in rehabilitating fish habitats in freshwater and saltwater areas throughout NSW can apply for grants up to $40,000.

Habitat rehabilitation projects which may be funded include:
removal or modification of barriers to fish passage; rehabilitation of riparian lands (river banks, wetlands, mangrove forests, saltmarsh); re-snagging waterways with timber structure; removal of exotic vegetation from waterways and replace with native species; bank stabilisation works; reinstatement of natural flow regimes.
Projects should aim to run for 12 months. The starting date is the date that the contracts have been co-signed by both the applicant and NSW DPI. This will usually occur early in the calendar year.
Allowance will be provided for conditions out of the applicant’s control such as flooding or drought where survival of plantings or stability of instream works will be put at risk if undertaken in unsuitable conditions. Requests for project variations will need to be made in writing (via email) to the Habitat Action Grant Administrator, adjusting milestone timing and associated milestone payments accordingly.
Matching funding is a requirement for funding, however this does not need to be in physical cash. Other contributions towards the project count as an ‘in-kind’ contributions and can include any voluntary labour (hands on work), project management time (administration, reporting, etc.) and cost of machinery use for example. It can also include on-going maintenance of a site (capped at 3 years after project completion).
You MUST contact one of the DPI staff to discuss your project and ensure applications are consistent with priorities for funding. They can also provide assistance on completing your application. You can find contact details on the grant guidelines document.

Opens October 2023 Environmental Education The Environmental Education program funds projects that develop, broaden and transform the community's knowledge, skills, and intrinsic motivation to engage in sustainable behaviour and encourage participation in protecting the environment.




Funding, grants and assistance for agriculture industries can be found here.

Grant Description
  Off-farm Efficiency Program - Water

The Australian Government’s Off-farm Efficiency Program is an initiative to upgrade water infrastructure to reduce water losses and increase water available for the environment. Projects funded under the program will provide long-term benefits through improved water infrastructure and reduced water losses. Water users and the community will also benefit from increased water reliability and the creation of job opportunities.


17 September 2023 RAS Foundation Rural Scholarships Rural Scholarships are available to support individuals in NSW and the ACT, who demonstrate a passion for rural communities and commitment for any career that will ensure the future success of rural and regional NSW. Scholarships of up to $6,000 are available for full-time students and up to $3,000 for part-time students.
30 September 2023, 5:00 pm Critical Producer Grant (Forestry) Program 
This recovery program aims to help key primary production industries in storm and flood-hit areas, helping them to remain viable and effectively recover to support the local and state economy. Grants of up to $10,000 per damaged PNF Plan Area or Authorised Timber Plantation Area are available via the Critical Producer Grant (Forestry) Program to assist with damage repair, job security, and build resilience to reduce the impact of future adverse events.
25 October 2023 AgriFutures Rural Women's Acceleration Grant  The AgriFutures Rural Women's Acceleration Grant is a program developed to foster growth and development in women involved in Australia's rural and emerging industries, businesses and communities. Seven Australian women per annum will be granted with a learning and development bursary (not cash) of up to $7,000 for professional development to enable them to bring their idea, cause or vision to life.



Emergency Assistance

Funding, grants and assistance for those affected by natural disaster can be found here: Support and Assistance 

15 December 2023 NSW Storm and Flood Disaster Recovery Small Business Grant - Aug & Sept 2022

If you're a small business or a not-for-profit organisation in NSW and you've been directly impacted by storms and floods from 4 August 2022 or 14 September 2022 onwards, you may be eligible for a storm and flood disaster recovery small business grant.

This disaster recovery grant of up to $50,000 is to help pay for the costs of clean-up and reinstatement of a small business or not-for-profit organisation’s operations. You must be a small business or a not-for-profit organisation in a defined disaster area (AGRN 1030 or 1034) to be eligible.


Funding, grants and assistance for businesses can be found here.

 Closes Grant Description
Ongoing SafeWork Small Business Rebate If you are a small business owner in NSW, this $1,000 rebate will help you purchase safety items to improve work health and safety for you and your workers. This program is administered by SafeWork NSW.
Ongoing First Nations Tourism Mentoring Program

The FNTMP can support you to grow your tourism business by connecting you with expert advice, tailored learning and access to culturally respectful industry specialists. If you are a First Nations tourism business and you have aspirations to grow, the FNTMP will give you access to free one-on-one mentoring, delivered in a way which suits your needs. 

The FNTMP can support you to grow your tourism business by: connecting you with industry professionals who can provide free, one-on-one advice; and culturally respectful support; providing access to a suite of learning supports and resources developed for and tailored to the First Nations tourism sector.

The mentoring will be delivered by industry specialists who have: tourism industry knowledge and experience including understanding of local tourism opportunities; experience working in a culturally appropriate and respectful manner with First Nations businesses and/or communities; previous experience providing business advice and support (including mentoring) and/or owning and operating a business.

It is a flexible program and the mentoring will be a mixture of face to face and online as preferred. Mentees will have an initial, one-on-one meeting with their mentor to discuss the current state of their business, their goals and objectives and to agree on the duration and frequency of mentoring as per the table below. 

14 September 2023 Cooperative Research Centre Projects Grants

Provides industry-led collaborations with short term (up to three years) matched funding of up to $3 million to develop important new technologies, products and services.

This grant supports short-term (up to 3 years), industry-led research collaborations. Projects must: develop a product, service or process that will solve problems for industry and deliver real outcomes; benefit small to medium enterprises (SMEs)include education and training activities.

You can use the funding to cover costs directly related to your project including: new researchproof of concept activities; pre-commercialisation of research outcomes; industry-focused education and training activities; conferences, workshops, symposia related to the joint research; information sharing and communications related to the research. This is not a complete list and other costs may also be eligible.

The minimum grant amount is $100,000. The maximum grant amount is $3 million.

22 September 2023 Australia-Korea Foundation Grants

The Australia-Korea Foundation (AKF) seeks to strengthen the Australia-Korea relationship in ways that enhance mutual understanding and people-to-people links. The objectives of the Australian-Korea Foundation (AKF) are to: increase public awareness of Australia in Korea, and of Korea in Australia, and the importance of the bilateral relationship; Develop partnerships in areas of shared interest in the bilateral, regional and global context; Increase Australians' capacity to effectively engage with Korea.

In 2023-24, approximately $700,000 is available for this grant opportunity. Grant applications for a minimum of $10,000 to a maximum of $50,000 per year will be considered. Co-contributions from applicants and other parties strengthen an application and are encouraged.

29 September 2023
Innovate with NBN Grants Program

The Innovate with nbn Grants Program in partnership with the Regional Australia Institute (RAI) recognises and showcases regional and remote businesses.
This year the Innovate with nbn Grants Program offers seven specific categories and an overall Champion award. Women in Regional Business; Health; Arts; Education; Agriculture; Tourism; Indigenous Business.

The program will award one grant of $15,000 to an organisation or business project aligned with each of the above categories. Additionally, one regional/remote business will be recognised and awarded with the 'Innovate with nbn Champion award' worth an additional $20,000. Keep in mind that you can only apply to one category and you’ll need an Australian Business Number (ABN) to qualify. 

30 September 2023 Women in Business Grant The purpose of SPARK is to help women in business grow their profit and impact. The funding is to be used for activities that will directly contribute to the growth of your profit or impact. This is one of the entry questions and you will be required to state how you will use the funds. Grant Funding: Maximum of $10,000.
25 October 2023 AgriFutures Rural Women's Acceleration Grant 
The AgriFutures Rural Women's Acceleration Grant is a program developed to foster growth and development in women involved in Australia's rural and emerging industries, businesses and communities. Seven Australian women per annum will be granted with a learning and development bursary (not cash) of up to $7,000 for professional development to enable them to bring their idea, cause or vision to life.
29 March 2024 Medium Business Support Grant

Flood support for medium businesses and not-for-profit organisations: The NSW Government’s Medium Business Support Grant of up to $200,000 can help eligible medium businesses and not-for-profit organisations in Southern and Central West NSW with the costs of reinstating operations following the floods commencing on 4 August and 14 September 2022. 

Which costs are covered? Covered costs could include, but aren't limited to, payment for tradespeople to conduct safety inspections, equipment and materials essential for immediately resuming operations, the removal and disposal of debris or damaged materials and stock, repairing premises, replacing fittings or leasing a temporary premises. 

Who is eligible? To be eligible, applicants must: 
•be a medium business or not-for-profit organisation (with between 21 and 200 full-time employees)
•have experienced direct damage as a result of floods commencing on 4 August and 14 September 2022 
intend to re-establish the medium business or not-for-profit organisation within the same area 
•have held an ABN as at 4 August 2022 or 14 September 2022 (as applicable). 

5:00pm, 31 December 2024 Regional Investment Activation Fund Stream 2 The $110 million Regional Investment Activation Fund will co-invest with eligible entities on projects that will deliver, significant economic, social and/or environmental benefits for a priority industry or location.


Grant Success Stories

In the 2019/20 financial year, eleven grants have been successful to a total value: $6,452,382.00. We continue to strive for more success stories for our community. Please contact us if you need help with your next grant application.

Community Group Success Story

The Forbes Dragon Boat Club were successful in obtaining a grant through Forbes Shire Council's Community Funding Program. The club has purchased a new trailer with the funds to help them move their 10's boat in and out of the water and into storage.  Well done to those involved and happy rowing!

 Dragon Boat 1