Heritage and history are an important part of the fabric of our Shire.

Forbes is a town with a rich history and proud heritage. Forbes is famous for its historic buildings and important heritage places, many listed by the National Trust of Australia (NSW) and some which you will recognize from the hit film 'The Dish'.

Heritage items are those things identified as having heritage significance for a community. They are things which have survived from an earlier time and illustrate how an area has grown and developed. Forbes has a unique and rich history and the identification and protection of heritage items helps to illustrate this history. Council has a responsibility to identify local heritage items and seeks to preserve the heritage of Forbes by encouraging sensitive management of these public and private items.

There are 157 existing heritage items and heritage conservation areas which are listed in Schedule 5 of Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013. They include private dwellings, public buildings, gardens, reserves, commercial and industrial buildings, landscape features, bus shelters and memorials.