Executive Team

Steve Loane 22

General Manager, Steve Loane

Council's General Manager is responsible for overseeing all functions of Council. Directly responsible for management of Forbes Central West Livestock Exchange.

 Matt Teale 22

Director Planning and Growth, Mathew Teale

Key responsibilities include: strategic land use planning; town planning and development assessment; building certification; heritage advice; environmental services; regulatory compliance and ranger services; waste management; waste education; management of landfill sites; property management; facilities management; and economic development.


Director Corporate Services, Stefan Murru

Key responsibilities include: executive and councillor support; audit, risk and governance; customer service; cemetery management; procurement; corporate planning; financial management and reporting; financial services; people management; information technology; WHS; community relations; youth services; grants; cultural facilities and public programs; events; tourism/visitor economy; marketing and communications; and asset management.

 Richard Jane 22

Director Engineering, Richard Jane

Key responsibilities include: Aerodrome, After hours services, Asset Management, Building Maintenance, Cemetery Management, Depot, workshop & stores, Emergency Services, Fleet & Heavy Vehicle Management, Footpaths & Cycleways, Gravel Quarries, Kerb & Gutter, Parks, Gardens, Playgrounds, Private Works,, Project Management, Public Carparks, Public Toilets, RMS Contract Works, Road Safety, Roads, Bridges & Culvert Maintenance and Construction, Saleyards, Sewerage System, Sporting Fields, Stormwater Drainage, Street Lighting & Sweeping, Streetscaping, Street Bins, Street Trees, Survey & Design, Trade Waste, Traffic Management, Signs, Linemarking, Roadside Furniture and Water Supply.