Templar Street Refurbishment

The design vision for Templar Street is to make this street the “heart” of Forbes. To achieve the vision the following design parameters were developed at the various community consultation stages.

1. Sense of place, has its own character. Celebrate and highlight attractive buildings and viewpoints.

2. Orientation – north facing for winter light, access to sun, ability to create shade.

3. Environmental comfort – create shade using trees or structures, water bubbler, water feature.

4. Create a low speed environment - Consider no kerbs, use of pavers, sweep paths, sight lines and traffic direction.

5. Implied separation between vehicles and pedestrians; utilise trees, bollards, low planting, and furniture.

6. Allow for gathering places for pedestrians (and cyclists) to stop, interact and sit, socialise.

7. Encourage street activation; maintain car parking, outdoor dining, public seating, play elements, focal element e.g. water feature or other.

8. Safety of pedestrians – low speed environment, maintain good sight lines where pedestrians cross the road, good levels of lighting.

9. Opportunity to creates seasonal change…deciduous trees, trees that flower in spring.

10. Allows for some flexibility in the way the street is utilised i.e. temporary street closure.

11. Consider programming of the street…Christmas, festivals, market days, concerts.


Templar Street Visuals