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NSW Flood Warning Summary


 07/10/22 Issued at 12.24 am EST on Friday, October 7, 2022
Lachlan River Flood Warning    

The functions of the Local Emergency Management Committee are to:

a) review and monitor emergency management policy and practice across the region,
b) review and prepare plans in respect of the region that are, or are proposed to be, sub plans or supporting plans established under the State Emergency Management Plan,
c) make recommendations about and assist in the co-ordination of training in relation to emergency management across the region,
d) develop, conduct and evaluate regional emergency management training exercises,
e) facilitate regional level emergency management capability through inter-agency coordination, co-operation and information sharing arrangements,
f) assist the Regional Emergency Operations Controller for the relevant region in the Controller's role under sect¡on 25, and
g) carry out such other functions as are:

  • related to this Act,
  • assigned to the committee (or to Local Emergency Management committees generally) from time to time by the State Emergency Management Committee.

ln the exercise of its functions, Regional Committees are responsible to the State Emergency Management Committee.

All emergency services agencies are members of this Committee as well as media, telecommunications, electricity and the Local Emergency Management Officer.


Emergency contact 000

After hours contact Forbes Shire Council 1300 978 633

In emergency events such as floods and fires, we have provided some links below to relevant information.

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