Drawing a Site Plan

What is a site plan?

A site or allotment plan is a drawing of the entire property on which the proposed building work, demolition or change of use of a building is proprosed to be undertaken. A site plan is required for every Development Application. 

The plan identifies where a property is located, what the proposed building work is and what structures are currently on site in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Council has prepared this video to assist you in preparing your site plan:

Minimum Requirements

 The minimum requirements for a site plan is detailed in Schedule 1 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and Council is unable to accept any DA where the site plan does not meet these minimum requirements. At minimum, the site plan is to include:

  • The address;
  • The date in which the site plan was drawn; 
  • Length of each boundary; 
  • Site area; 
  • North pointl 
  • Setbacks of the proposed development of each existing structure on the property and each boundary; 
  • Existing vegetation and trees on the land;
  • The location and uses of existing buildings on the land;
  • Existing levels of the land in relation to buildings and roads; and
  • The location and uses of building on sites adjoining the land.

Standard and Quality 

Site plan must be usable and legible to both Council staff and members of the community who may receive it during public notification. The drawing must be clear, easy to read and with the information presented in a logical manner. While owners and applicants may produce their own drawing, it must be of a high and legible quality. To help achieve this, please ensure you note the following:

  • Always use a ruler when preparing your site plan
  • Use grid paper to ensure the plan is drawn to scale
  • Research other site plans so you know what a good one looks like
  • The plan must be scanned. Photos are not acceptable.
  • Lines must be dark so they can be easily read on the computer and when printed out. Usually pencils do not produce dark enough lines unless using a 2B or softer pencil. Ideally, use fine tipped marker pens.
  • Consider engaging a professional to ensure all requirements of the site plan are met. 
Tools and Resources
Grid Paper (PDF 159.8KB) 
Example Swimming Pool Site Plan (PDF 106.3KB)
Example Garage or Carport Site Plan (PDF 99.8KB)

If you have any enquiries regarding the development application process, please contact Councils Development & Planning team on (02) 6850 2300 (Option 1). Pre-lodgement meetings are free and Council will be able to provide any assistance you need with the Planning process.