Step 2: Preparing an application

Once you have determined that a Development Application is needed from Council, you will need to begin preparing the required plans and forms. Preparing a successful design is not a simple process. There are many factors to consider that come with fully understanding relevant guidelines, policies and legislation.


Preparing an Application

Producing a good design and a complete application helps us assess applications and reduces approval times. This is why you should consider using a professional to assist in preparing your plans and application. Depending on the type of development, this could include an architect, building designer, town planning consultant or an engineer.

The following is typically required for a residential Development Application.


  • Site Plan
  • Elevations
  • Sectionals 
  • Floor Plan

All plans are to be to scale.

Please see below details of different site plans for various developments:



Getting Assistance

The planning pre-lodgement advice service is aimed at providing potential applicants with the opportunity to obtain written advice from or meet with planning officers regarding their proposal, identify key areas of concern, and gain an understanding of the Council's development application process.

Planning applicants and agents often request advice on whether a particular proposal is likely to be successful. This is a valuable process because it can identify improvements needed to a scheme prior to submission and can save people submitting applications that have little or no prospect of success.

Whilst the outcome of a development application cannot be guaranteed, it is more likely to succeed if it is well prepared, aligns with the Council’s planning framework and properly addresses and responds to relevant issues raised at pre-lodgement stage. This should also ensure the quicker delivery of decisions, time and cost savings and higher quality developments.

Heritage Advice

The Heritage Advisory Service offers free professional advice from Forbes Shire Council's Heritage Advisor who visits Forbes every second month. The advisory service is available to owners who want to renovate or redevelop private homes or commercial buildings, occupiers of buildings with historical significance, or owners of movable heritage items who want to undertake conservation work.

This advice can include the topics of colour schemes, extensions, verdandahs, awnings and fences as well as more comprehensive advice on the integration of new development in heritage conservation areas.

The free advice which is provided is of a general nature and should be considered as the starting point for more extensive work that may require an architect, builder or designer.

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