Planning Proposals

The following information is for applicants proposing an amendment to the Forbes Local Environmental Plan 2013 (LEP). To propose an amendment to the Forbes LEP, applicants must prepare a Planning Proposal. A Planning Proposal is a comprehensive document which explains the intended outcomes and justification for a proposed amendment to the LEP. Applicants should review the following documents before preparing a Planning Proposal.

Forbes Planning Proposal Fact Sheet
A Guide to Preparing Planning Proposals
In particular, refer to: Chapter 2 – The parts of a planning proposal; and Attachment 1 – Information checklist
A Guide to Preparing Local Environmental Plans

Council encourages prospective applicants to discuss their proposals with Council’s Town Planner as early as possible to seek feedback on matters that are specific to their proposal. To book a pre-Planning Proposal Meeting call the Planning and Growth department on 02 6850 2300.