Voluntary Planning Agreements

A Voluntary Planning Agreement (commonly called a VPA or planning agreement) is an agreement entered into by a planning authority, such as Forbes Shire Council and a developer in relation to either a Planning Proposal or a Development Application. A planning agreement is a voluntary agreement under which the developer has agreed to provide or fund public amenities or public services.

This can include:

  • dedication of land
  • monetary contributions
  • construction of public infrastructure
  • provision of materials for public benefit and/or use,
  • or a combination of the above

A planning agreement can either be in lieu of, or in addition to a development contribution payments and this is negotiated and specified as part of the planning agreement. A planning agreement cannot be entered into, and a planning agreement cannot be amended or revoked, unless public notice has been given of the proposed agreement, amendment or revocation, and a copy of the proposed agreement, amendment or revocation has been available for inspection by the public for a period of not less than 28 days.

Voluntary Planning Agreement Register

CleanTeQ Sunrise Voluntary Planning Agreement

2018 Agreement
Planning Agreement CleanTeQ Sunrise Voluntary Planning Agreement
Date entered into
Parties Forbes Shire Council, Parkes Shire Council, Lachlan Shire Council, CleanTeQ Sunrise Pty Ltd.
Context Planning agreement to contribute towards road maintenance, project facilitation and community enhancement - Sunrise Mine Explanatory Note
CleanTeq Sunrise Voluntary Planning Agreement (DOCX 166.4KB) 

Jemalong Solar Project Voluntary Planning Agreement

2020 Agreement
Planning Agreement
Jemalong Solar Project Voluntary Agreement
Date Entered into
Parties Forbes Shire Council & Genex Power Limited
Context Planning agreement for community enhancement - GENEX Power Explanatory Notes
Jemalong Solar Project Voluntary Agreement (DOCX 67.3KB)