Raising Your Home


Following the flooding events that impacted Forbes in November 2022, Council have received a high number of enquiries regarding the process of raising a house, what approvals are required and what documentation will need to be obtained.

Voluntary house raising is an effective floodplain risk management measure that can be undertaken to reduce the frequency of exposure to flood damage of the house and its contents and reduce the frequency of household disruption and associated trauma and anxiety.

Do I need approval and what documents do I need?

Raising your house will require a Development Application to be lodged with Council. A Development Application is to be supported by a Flood Level Survey/Flood Report prepared by a registered surveyor and/or suitably qualified Engineering professional. The house must be raised a minimum of 500mm above the 1% AEP (Annual Exceedance Probability) commonly known as the 1 in 100-year flood level.

In addition to a Development Application, a Construction Certificate is also required for the works. The following information is required to accompany an application for a Construction Certificate:

  • Structural Engineer report for the footings, piers and tie downs; and
  • Certification from a suitably qualified and experienced Engineer that the structure can withstand being raised.