Step 1: What can I do?

If you're thinking of developing your property, figuring out the approvals process can be very confusing. To help you understand, Council has created this section.


What can I do in my area?

Forbes Shire Council has mapped out different areas or zones within the Shire which have different restrictions and approval processes depending on state and local government legislation. Each zone has rules around the following;

  • What you can build;
  • How high you can build; and
  • What sort of activities you can use the land or building for, such as residential housing, business, industrial use  

You can find out what your land zoning is via the ePlanning Spatial Viewer

You can find out what is permissible or not permissible in your zone via the Land Use Table of the Forbes Local Environmental Plan 2013

or Forbes Local Environmental plan 1986 if you live in the Lower Bathurst Street area.

Development Approval

Depending on the type of proposed development, different application forms need to be prepared and submitted onto the NSW Planning Portal. Council's Planning & Development Department are available on 02 6850 2300 to provide assistance.

Building a new house or renovating your property is always exciting. However, the Development Application process can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. ‘Your guide to the Development Application process – Small housing development’, is the pathway to building your home faster and easier. Download the guide here.

Exempt Development

If the work is of a minor nature it may be carried out without Council consent subject to compliance with specific requirements and limitations. For this type of work to be carried out without consent, all of the criteria and requirements specified in the relevant planning instrument must be met. This can be found in State Environmental Planning Policy Exempt and Complying Development Codes 2008