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The canteen on-site at the Forbes Central West Livestock Exchange offers quality home style meals and friendly service to all patrons. The facility is fully air-conditioned, permitting a break from the heat, with ample seating. Access to clean amenities is provided, and showering facilities are also available for truck drivers delivering and receiving stock to and from sale yards.


Truck Wash

Information  Details  
Location Forbes Central West Livestock Exchange - Back Yamma Road, Forbes 
Hours of Operation  24 hours/day, 7 days/week  Please note the facility will be closed regularly for cleaning

Purchase a 'non-refundable' Avdata key from Councils administration office. Avdata will invoice for usage. Refer to Councils Fees and Charges for current rates.
The Avdata key can be used with all wash down facilities Australia wide also using the Avdata system. Please note, the key cannot be used for standpipes.

Vehicles allowed All vehicle types, including livestock, resource and civil vehicle types.
Maximum vehicle size         No limit
Height limit No height limit
Surface Concrete
Hose Details Transport operator supplies their own
Rules of use As per onsite signage
Housekeeping All mud and dirt must be completely washed off the wash down to avoid a slipping hazard. No detergents or chemicals to be used on wash bay.
 Damage/misuse Damage must be reported to Council. Where damage is caused by misuse, Council may seek recovery of repair costs from the user.

Dog Run

A shaded designated fenced area is available for holding muzzled dogs while owners are attending sales at the CWLE. The area has several dog kennels and a water trough for comfort and refreshment. 

Showers and toilets

Shower facilities can be found next to the canteen area and are accessible 24 hours a day.  

Ample parking trucks and cars

The CWLE has ample carparking areas with capacity to house over 100 cars and 2 dedicated truck parking areas. Roadtrain under-over ramp and a 24 hour truckwash facility is available. 

Yards for spelling stock

Fourteen designated yards for spelling stock are available. Contact CWLE Manager on 0417 803 577 for more details.