Neat solution to a smelly problem!

Two fish pits have been installed at Lake Forbes aimed to address the number of carp scattering our lake banks and also provide an environmental solution for disposal of dog poo!

Lake Forbes has seen a huge influx in carp numbers and in turn, a huge increase in the number of people fishing on our lake, in particular at the new Dreaming Centre footbridge and the fishing pontoon at Lions Park.

Council has worked with government departments, local contractors and the community to install these fish pits at both these locations, as these are the current most prominent fishing locations around the Lake.

Forbes Mayor Phyllis Miller OAM said the NSW Government’s Public Spaces Program grant has economic benefits for the community helping contribute to the COVID-19 economic recovery.

“These pits have been designed and manufactured locally by MidPro Engineering,” she said.

The pits are installed in a 10-foot hole at each location. Once they are nearly full, Council will relocate the pit to a new location (selected based on current fishing spots/carp left on the banks) and fill in the previous spot - the waste will act as a fertiliser.

“The pits can be likened to a composting toilet or an old-fashioned long drop,” Mayor Miller said. 

“They will be labelled with instructions for their use, with the aim of ensuring that regular waste is not thrown into them.  On the side of each pit will also be a dispenser for disposable cornstarch bags that can be used for the fish and dog waste.”

Council is proud to have received support from the NSW Government under the NSW Public Spaces Program to rollout the Lake Forbes Activation Plan. The NSW Public Spaces Legacy Program is supporting councils to deliver more and better public spaces across the state. 

Council has been in consultation with the Department of Fisheries for this project and will continue to work closely to address issues relating to fishing and to provide education to the community. 

“Public spaces are the heart of our communities. Public spaces connect us, inspire us and make us healthier and happier and great public spaces shape who we are and greatly enrich our lives,” Mayor Miller added. If you require any additional information, please contact Council’s Manager Town Presentation, Patrick Woods on 02 6850 2300 or 

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