Application Process

To get approval to build or subdivide land (not exempt or complying) in the Forbes Shire you must lodge a Development Application (DA) with us together with all the necessary documents. Council will then process your application.

After an initial review to make sure your application is complete, council notify your neighbours of your development proposal and in some cases may advertise the proposed development to allow time for community submissions.

Next Council will assess the DA to see if it complies with all the relevant legislation, development controls and Council policies. If the development does not comply and/or it lacks the required information, we will ask you to provide additional information to address the matters raised. Most DA's are determined by Council’s assessment staff, however, applications that receive a submission may be referred to a Council Meeting to be determined. After this determination process Council will advise you of the outcome.

This is a brief overview of the DA process. The accompanying flow chart, may assist in understanding the process from start to finish. DA Flowchart (PDF 95KB)

For more comprehensive information, please see the Guide to the Development Application process here. Please read it in full before lodging your DA.