Food Organics Garden Organics

Green Lid Bin: Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) Collection Service – weekly

Place all food and garden waste in the green lid bin. All material from the green lid bin goes to Australian Native Landscapes in Blayney, where it is converted into high quality compost. Diversion of food and garden waste allows more space in local landfills, which are major drivers of rising waste charges. You will also be helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which are generated from landfills. A kitchen caddy has been supplied with your green lid bin. This will make transferring your food scraps from the kitchen to the green lid bin easier.

FOGO Bin Essentials:

  • Bins must be placed at the kerb the evening prior to your collection day
  • Bins must not weigh more than 75 kilograms
  • All bins must be approximately ½ metre apart from each other and clear of  cars, trees and other obstacles
  • Bin lids must close completely and nothing should protrude out of the top or bins will not be emptied
  • Face bin openings to the road and place bins no further than ½ metre from the kerb or road’s edge
  • Bins need to be removed from the kerb as soon as possible after emptying

If your bin is damaged please contact Waste Hotline 1300 725 415.

Do not place food and garden waste in plastic bags. You can wrap food scraps in newspaper or put them directly in the bin.

Please do not place logs, branches or prunings larger than 15cm in diameter in your bin.


Kitchen Caddy

Kitchen Caddy is a small bin provided along with your green lid FOGO bin. It can be used in your kitchen to keep the food waste separate and to avoid contamination with other non-food waste.

Please refer Bin Users Guidelines (PDF 1.6MB) for further information on how to use Kitchen Caddy. If you have not received one, please contact the Council's customer service on 02 6850 2300 to order one.

Kitchen Caddy

What is accepted?

  • lawn clippings, grass, leaves & prunings
  • paper, cardboard  & tissues
  • flowers, small sticks & twigs
  • meat, chicken, fish & all bones
  • all fruit & vegetables scraps
  • dairy food, tea & coffee, cake, bread, rice & pasta

What isn't accepted?

  • rocks & soil
  • gardening equipment & pots
  • nappies & wet wipes
  • building materials
  • plastic/plastic bags
  • large stumps, branches & logs