Templar Street Makes Tracks Ahead

Templar St

The Templar Street revitalisation is well underway with new drainage installed on the southern side of the street and the northern side work nearing completion. Council has taken to complete the rock hammering on the weekends to minimise noise to businesses in the CBD during the peak shopping periods.

“The streetscape is really coming together and with teams working weekends to ensure the disturbance is lessened through the week, and everyone is very happy,” says Forbes Shire Council Mayor Phyllis Miller OAM. “The street is due to be completed by December and this gives businesses the security to know the Christmas shopping period will not be disrupted.

“We are not losing any car parking spaces with 24 spaces remaining in the street. The parking will however be nose in. With the street dotted with outdoor dining this alleviates diners getting exhaust fumes whilst dining.

“Twenty four new planter boxes now complete by the wonderful local business, Cowan’s Engineering. These will act as a barrier between the vehicles and pedestrians and they can easily be relocated when an event is being held in the street. They will be planted with alternate between short and tall seasonal plants and trees. By arranging the boxes alternatively the sight lines into shops will be visible.”

Forbes Shire Council have been working with Essential Energy to ensure the underground mains are upgraded whilst the renovations are taking place to alleviate the road being disturbed again in the near future.

“The work we are doing now will serve the CBD well into the future,” says Mayor Miller. “And the street has become a must-have-site for events throughout the year, with bollards strategically placed in garden beds which can be removed and placed in the roadway at either end of the street to close off the street should an event be occurring. Power and water outlets have also been installed for event use.

“When the road resurfacing occurs the entire street will be closed to traffic for two days,” Mayor Miller continues. “This will be carried out during a weekend to ensure traffic disturbance is less likely to cause too much disruption. The current pavers on the roadway will be crushed and re-used as road base for other projects, ensuring no waste will be incurred due to works in Templar Street.”

Weather permitting the Templar Street revitalisation will be completed by December 2020.