Forbes Shire Council Wins Environmental Award

Waste Wednesday Award  Solar Lights Award

Forbes Shire Council has been awarded the winner of Division A: Behaviour Change in Waste for their Waste Wednesday social media campaign.

“Through this campaign we engage with the community and spread awareness about the ongoing resource recovery facilities available in the Forbes Shire, as well as innovations and additions to the existing resource recovery programs,” says Forbes Shire Council Mayor Phyllis Miller OAM.

“Using the social media platforms of the council, this program has given us an opportunity to engage with the community at large with a click of a button.”

“The whole project has been implemented by our internal resources. The Waste and Environment Specialist identifies the subject topic for the social media post each week and the Senior Communications Officer prepares the infographic post based on the information provided and then posts on the council’s social media platforms.

“It is our commitment to continue this campaign on a weekly basis for the foreseeable future, providing high quality and valuable information to the community about improving resource recovery and waste issues.”

Council also received a Highly Commended in Division A: Sustainable Infrastructure for the solar lights around Lake Forbes walkway.

“The objective of this project was to provide lighting across the length of the walking track surrounding our beautiful Lake Forbes using sustainable infrastructure,” says Mayor Miller. “The lights are beneficial for a longer term without supply of power and maintenance needs and providing safety to those who use this popular track at all times of the day or night.

Forbes Shire Council installed five kilometres of solar lighting along the ten kilometres of walking track surrounding Lake Forbes.

“This is actually believed to be the longest installation of solar lighting in the world,” Mayor Miller continues. “The work so far has been undertaken by farmers and farm labours affected by the 2018/19 drought in a special employment program created by Council to help support the local farming community during the drought.

“The installation of the solar lights next to the walking tracks surrounding the Lake have proven to be highly popular with residents and visitors alike. We continued to use these lights in lower Templar Street as well due to their efficiency and the ambient light they project.”

Forbes Shire Council has also been nominated as one of three Councils within NSW by NSW EPA to be involved in a pilot education campaign in relation to Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) as a means to reduce the amount of organic waste going into landfill.

“We are so excited to be a part of this education campaign,” Mayor Miller continues. “NSW Government and Local Government are keen to be accountable in tackling important waste issues and to partner in this great cause.

“It is proven that compost improves soil health – soils with high amounts of organic matter hold more water, and that’s what we need in drought conditions! Let’s improve our local soils to ensure when the next drought comes, we are ready.”

Another bin audit will take place in November to identify if waste behaviours have in fact changed due to the education program.

For more information regarding FOGO please contact Forbes Shire Councils Waste and Environmental Specialist on (02) 6850 2300.