CWLE Safety Measures Are Not A Game

Central West Livestock Exchange (CWLE) manager, Cassi Walmsley, urges users of the facility to remain patient as they navigate their way through the Stage 1 of the recovery from the Coronavirus restrictions. A number of measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of users, employees and the community. As National cabinet eases the restrictions all considerations are being made by Forbes Shire Council to secure the industry moving forward.

“We are in phase one of returning to the new normal,” says Forbes Shire Council General Manager, Steve Loane. “Social distancing laws remain in place at this point in time and this has a huge impact on the way we operate at the saleyards given the shear volume of people and animals on site on any given sale day. From June 1 we are allowing farmers an inspection hour before the sale to inspect the stock and then give direction to their agent. They then will be asked to vacate the yards prior to the sale commencing.”

Every person entering the CWLE site must complete a signed COVID-19 declaration as well as completed an induction. Farmers are also encouraged to download the Federal Governement’s CovidSafe app to aid with traceability.

“We understand the public’s frustration not being able to be a part of the excitement of sale day. However these processes are important controls to ensure we do provide a safe environment for all those in the vicinity. Livestock carriers are to leave the site once unloaded and if you are not essential to the sale please remain at home.

“If you are unwell and have a cough and/or flu like symptoms you are not to enter the Central West Livestock Exchange at all. All persons must take responsibility of their own health and that of others, we are all in this together,” Mr Loane advises.

The Canteen facility will be open with a maximum of 10 people allowed in the building at a time. Cattle sale inspections are 7.15am to 8.15am on Mondays and sheep sale inspection times are 9.15am to 10.15am on Tuesdays.

For further information please contact Central West Livestock Exchange manager Cassi Walmsley on 6850 2300.