Forbes Shire Council Celebrates 150 Years

Forbes Shire Council Celebrates 150 Years

On Thursday 23 July Forbes Shire Council celebrated their 150 years after the ordinary July Council meeting. Celebrations began with previous Mayor of Forbes, Alistair Lockhart reading the first Council Meeting minutes from July 7, 1870.

“It was amazing to hear the minutes being read from a time so long ago and how little has changed from today’s proceedings,” Forbes Shire Council Mayor Phyllis Miller OAM recounts. “It is such a remarkable achievement to be still going strong 150 years on and from all accounts continuing for another 150 years.”

The Councillors along with staff members had gathered various mementos to be placed in a time capsule which was buried in the Chambers court yard.

“This capsule represents the current Council of 2018 – 2021,” explains Mayor Miller.  “We placed our July 2020 Business Paper, Councillor business cards, local newspaper, Mayor’s column, a council tie, Ben Hall tea towel and a facemask to recognise the very interesting time we are currently living in.”

The small crowd then moved over to Victoria Park to plant a tree representing this special occasion.

“The tree will be a symbol of the legacy Council has left for the great things Council has achieved over the 150 years,” Mayor Miller says. “Each Councillor, our GM and Alistair helped plant the tree which symbolises how well we all work together to achieve all of those great things for our Shire.”

Following was the cutting of a celebratory cake which Councillors and staff joined in reflecting on the milestones achieved over the years, before heading back into chambers for the second part of the Council Meeting.

“We do promise to celebrate this wonderful achievement with the community next year when it will be 150 years plus one,” Mayor Miller explains. “COVID-19 has prevented us from celebrating as we had planned, but we will celebrate, it will be during Heritage Week 2021.”