3 June 2020

Well, the cold snap has come as a bit of a shock after the beautiful weekend weather we had last week. Winter really made itself known on the 1st June!

It has been great to see the opening up of two new businesses in Forbes this last week and things getting back to some normality especially in time for the long weekend. If you are travelling this weekend please drive carefully and be safe. We are welcoming back tourists into our community this weekend as well which will be great for local businesses but we do still want everyone to take care and remain safe by social distancing.

There has been lots of activity in the farming industry recently with tractors, ploughing and sowing. Let’s hope this coming year is profitable for everyone.

With the dining out restrictions opening up last weekend, I booked and went out for dinner with friends. We were like kids in a lolly shop! I can honestly say that I think we took everything for granted prior to COVID-19. I am so grateful now for everything in my life.

Council had a great Finance and Infrastructure meeting on Monday. We were able to view the Templar Street plans and also the carpark for Lions Park. I think I can speak for all Councillor’s, we were very impressed by the great work of our staff. Asset Management Plans are being done as we speak, thank you to Jason and Wafi ably led by Stefan. These are extremely important plans for planning our infrastructure well into the future. We have so many wonderful projects in the pipeline for our amazing town, I will keep you updated on their progress.

Take care. God Bless.