10 June 2020

I am hearing the many voices in the community not happy about the recent announcement of Target closing next year.

I want you all to let those voices be heard! Email info@wesfarmers.com.au, and let the Chairman of Wesfarmers know the Forbes community would like this store to remain in town, I have already sent my email. Petitions to parliament will not be powerful enough to have an effect, so I encourage you to write to the Chairman directly. If you prefer to write a letter here is the mailing address: Wesfarmers Limited, Level 14, Brookfield Place Tower 2, 123 St Georges Terrace, Perth 6000 WA.

Next week Apex Park is getting a little makeover with a new shade structure being installed. It will mean the park will be closed for several days. Please be patient while the park is closed, as it will look amazing when it is finished. I am so proud of the wonderful parks and playgrounds we have in our Shire, however we are conducting a survey at the moment on all our recreation and open spaces, as we know how important they are to you all. We want to ensure our future plans incorporate your visions. Our sports grounds are looking spectacular due to no sport being played at the moment. In the coming months this will change as the restrictions will be lifted enabling sport to be played again. To participate in the survey head over to www.yoursay.forbes.nsw.gov.au or there is a link down the bottom of our homepage on the website.

Speaking of website, you may have noticed it has changed. The new website is much easier to navigate and it gives us the ability to keep you up-to-date with all that is going on here at Council. It looks great either on the desktop computer or mobile device. Jump on and have a look, we would love to hear your feedback.

Till next week take care. God Bless.