Forbes Shire Council was created in 1981 from the amalgamation of the Forbes Municipal Council and the Jemalong Shire Council. Council is responsible for town planning, building approvals, local roads, parking, public toilets, water and sewerage, waste removal, domestic animals and community facilities. Local taxes (called rates) are collected from home owners based on the value of their home. These taxes are used to pay for the services provided.

Take a look at the Forbes Shire Council Organisational Structure

What do we want for our community?

  • A pleasant and safe environment in which the community can live.
  • A sound level of services and infrastructure to meet the communities needs.
  • An active and growing rural and commercial sector.
  • Good access to educational opportunities.
  • Appropriate employment for the community, including the youth component.
  • Financial stability of its Council.

Our core values

  • To provide direction and leadership in the community.
  • To maximise the value received to the community of Forbes.
  • To meet the needs of the community.
  • To ensure the welfare of the community is considered at all times in government decision making.
  • To provide solutions to the problems of the community.

Our strategic goals

  1. Sustained economic development in Forbes Shire.
  2. Well planned, developed and maintained transport facilities that meet the need of the community.
  3. Sound environment management practices and improved community amenity.
  4. Forbes shire is a desirable place to live.
  5. Services and infrastructure provided in the most efficient and economical manner.
  6. A council responsive to community needs in the provision of services.
  7. An organisation characterised by high quality performing staff, good morale and job satisfaction.